When in doubt of what you are offering to the world, read this!

If you are asking to yourself: 

What do I have to offer to the world? 

Or feeling unworthy, undesirable, invaluable and a nobody ❤️

Let me tell you 😀

I see you,

I see your Strenght,
I see your power,
I see your Fire,
I see your wisdom,
I see your wholeness,
I see your trueness,
I see your creativity
And I see your infinity.

I invite you to see yourself for what I see you and own it! 

Close your eyes and breath,
Look at your heart,
Listen to your heartbeat
Make love to your vibration,
Be orgasmic and expansive with your presence,
Feel your divinity,
Feel your creation,
Feel your love ❤️

When you are done experiencing your truth ❤️ you will realize this is what you have to offer to the world:

Your Heart,
Your Heartbeat,
Your passion
And your Love ❤️

You are freaking divine and amazing ❤️ and I love you for being YOU!

Lucia Gabriela

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