Fearing Sensuality? Sensuality is #DivineMedicine

How many times did I fear my sensuality?
So many…

How many times did I deny myself from being sensual?
So many…

How many times did I reject my self for being sensual?
So many…

No more… 
This medicine is woven into my soul for me to drink and enjoy. 

Sensuality is not a medicine we can learn how to craft from only reading a book, or watching a webinar, but thrives in an environment of mastery.
Sensuality is a medicine that we learn how to access by purging our limiting beliefs and stories around being sensual beings and giving ourselves permission to embody its expressions. 

Sensuality feeds and heals our soul, heart, mind and body. Whenever I feel sick, upset, off center, or confused, I turn to this medicine. And like all divine medicine that comes from within, I heal and expand even more into my truest self.

The more and more I give myself permission to drink this medicine from my soul, my life changes in magical ways that lead me to surrender even more.

My sensuality is my medicine, 
It’s mine to drink, and if I choose to share, it is a choice and not an obligation.
It’s mine to enjoy, if I choose to share such joy, it is my gift to the world.
It is sacred and divine, 
It’s mine to own and embody,
A journey of alchemy and pure bliss. 

Sensuality is medicine. 

I am a sensual goddess, priestess, and queen.

What is holding you back from owning your sensuality? 

Lucia Gabriela

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