When sex has become bland…what then?

When sex has become bland
when it has become boring
when it has become empty.

When touch has become meaningless
when it has become insignificant
when it has become dull.

When the connection has become rare
when it has become hollow
when I have become unseen.

When gazing into your eyes has become cold
when it has become nothing
when it has become lifeless.

When my body, my temple, has become 
flesh and bones
when it has become a place to fulfill
human empty desires
when it has become numb to feel again
when it has become untrusting of itself
when it has become just another body. 

I crave
I desire
I crave
I desire

I crave your touch to be divine,
I desire to feel your soul 
through your fingers caressing 
and awakening all of me.

I crave your breath to be holy,
I desire to feel your heart
every time you breathe me into it,
I desire you to feel my heart
every time I breathe you into mine. 

I crave your gaze to be an opening 
to our souls,
I desire to be taken into the infinite of yours,
As I find myself inside your soul
I open and surrender even more 
into what it seems to be the heart of Source.

I crave your presence to be with me,
I desire to witness you in your mastery of beingness,
I desire to feel I am with you,
I desire to surrender to
The Alchemist 
The Master
The Priest
The King
The God

I crave you 
I desire you

When sex has become empty,
I desire fullness.
I cry
I cringe
I give up.

I am tired of the old ways,
I desire new profounds ways to
feel you,
see you,
touch you,
connect with you,
surrender to you,
be taken by you.

Lucia Gabriela


Have you ever felt this way?
Has your partner ever felt this way?

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