What creates fragile boundaries?

Through observation, one of the problems we may encounter in relationships is that we don’t fully understand how to set boundaries; therefore, we don’t have definite, concrete, and functional boundaries.

Personal boundaries are a new age life skill concept. Looking to the past, most of our parents and grandparents did not grow up with a healthy framework and understanding of this concept.

As children, we were forced to hug or get a kiss on the cheek from people we didn’t want to, and often told what to do against our feelings or comfort. As children, we didn’t have a strong voice to express what was acceptable or not. We were not encouraged to say NO; we had no right to say so. Imagine saying NO to grandma about giving her a kiss?

If something didn’t feel right in our heart, mind, body, and soul, we were suppressed from expressing our feelings of discomfort or not feeling safe emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

As children, we were expected to obey and respect other people’s rules or social norms; if not, we would experience punishment as a consequence.

Interestingly, society created boundaries according to their values and standards as a community, but the same concept and process were not always consciously adopted for our wellbeing.

To create conscious relationships and enhance our intimacy with ourselves and others, personal boundaries must be well understood, defined, communicated, and have consequences to enforce them for the longevity of the relationship.

Creating personal boundaries is an incredible journey of self-growth and mastery.

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