We Love You!

If you are feeling stuck,

Remember WE love you

If you are feeling depresss,
Realize WE love you

If you are feeling upset,
Know WE love you

If you are feeling afraid and vulnerable,
Feel OUR love

If nothing is going your way,
Stop, let it go and

Slow down,
Connect with your heart
And welcome OUR LOVE for YOU

Take your time to heal,
Journal your emotions,
Write the story of the life you desire and see yourself living in,
Cut pictures of the places you want to visit,
Paint, draw, play, sleep, dance,
Make love to your body/your soul,
Eat chocolate,
Hug 10 people or pets 🐶🐱
Write erotic poetry,
Be present with yourself,
Take your time to be ~ just be

And just know,

We love you!

Copyrighted Lucia Gabriela