Vulnerable Confession to You

I’m in gratitude to every single miracle manifested today after dark times of exploring and transcending deep sticky shadows, core beliefs, and fears that had been haunting me for years.

For the past few weeks, I have been exploring HELL (an alchemical portal to transformation) and the pain has been brutal, where you don’t even recognize yourself, your strength, and your power.

A deep inner alchemical work many can not handle and are not ready for, not yet but one day.

I realize that I signed up for one of the most powerful journeys, one that will demand raw authentic surrendering to trust my infinite and creative self. #SexualAlchemy

Yes, imagine facing all of you without all the power of you…. once you taste your power and it goes away ~ you feel like dying.

What’s my lesson here?
What am I releasing?
What’s the false story I keep telling myself?
Where am I responsible in this?
What emotion or belief is holding me back?
Where am I not in alignment with my soul?

I am so grateful to have been trained and prepared for this, and to have stayed low key and self-searching all this time.

As an active mom and entrepreneur, taking the time to do this may seem impossible, but to me it is a must do.

My daughter’s generation and future generations count on me!

Yes, I may not be on top of everything in my business, some bills unpaid, laundry still sitting at my dinner table and socially I isolated myself to lay in bed, take long showers, watch funny videos, and keep exploring the darkness many of us are afraid to go in.

Happy days come from appreciating the contrast of our lives, when we feel totally lost, upset, without energy and with no vision of our near future.

Even on those days, keeping my true gratitude and appreciation for the moment given to me to explore my darkness, my shadows, my fears, my human needs, my disempowered self has allowed me to see why I am truly here and for who.

I am not here for everyone,
I am not for everyone,
My work is not for everyone,
My passion is not for everyone,
My vision is not for everyone,
Actually it is for very, very few,
Those who truly are ready to be free ~ so I have to stop chasing those that need my help but don’t want it.

You have no idea how this chasing race has been the most alchemical HELL of all.

FINALLY, I have had to find peace with that.

For decades I have struggled trying to fit in and feel accepted by everyone on this planet – knowing I am not from here but from Orion anyway, making it very challenging 😂 LOL

For the past 13 months I have gone through many deep intense retreats, immersions, and TR events which accelerated my work and transformation beyond the imaginable.

I was not aware that this need, to feel accepted and wanted by everyone, has been holding me back deeply in all areas of my life.

And with the help of the universe, 5 planets in retrograde, a fascinating full moon a few weeks ago, and other cosmic events that triggered an intense turmoil within all aspects of me….


I have made peace with myself that:

I am not for everyone,
neither is anything I do or create.

Yesterday, The alchemical breakthrough that I needed to happen happened!

I have transcended at a deeper level the need to be approved, liked, accepted, and wanted from anyone.

Yes, this work goes in layers and I may have some more layers to purge on this matter, but this one I totally feel is the one that has been stuck, muddy, greasy and stinky and has not wanted to be let go.

Once we let go of what is truly keeping us away from our true work on this earth, manifestations will come our way and healing happen in a very transgenerational way.

Today, manifestations are being received with joy and glory.

How does it get better than that!

Lucia Gabriela 🌹