I want full sexual liberation” He said….

Many men and women who come to me want epic sex.

They want to enjoy it, have fun with it, and feel sexually FREE ~ exploring the unexplored. But at the same time, they are afraid of it.

Sex is powerful, delicious and divine. And it’s my favorite topic!

Helping individuals and couples to surrender into epic sex is not about giving them pictures of ridiculous poses or how to stroke the clitoris or the penis.

Which btw, Kamasutra and Tantra’s sex poses are ancient sacred geometry poses to connect with our inner worlds and cosmic self… while enjoying the bliss of sexual energy in its orgasmic form ~ allowing us to create realities within our realities. The formula of creation, Egyptians referred to as “Sex Magic.” Yes, I can go deep with this.

Continuing with what I was saying….

Opening people to the possibilities of epic sex is about providing them with the tools and skills they need to master their sexuality by transcending all the emotional trauma, limiting beliefs around sex, religious conditioning, and other crap they have been carrying for their whole life.

It is about creating a safe space for them to feel safe within their bodies and truly trust their inner divinity, so they can crack open from their dormant shell and come out of it to experience life like never before: feeling fully alive, accepted, honored, respected, and adored for the gift they are to all of us.

It is about helping them to meet and love their inner child, and welcoming its innocence.

It is about becoming conscious observers of their thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, words, unspoken words, actions, reactions, and triggers.

It is about helping them to embrace their wholeness and accept their shadows, allowing themselves to become fully in control of their own life instead of the shadows and egos running the show.

It is about allowing the body to release all memories of traumas that are causing them pain, illness, and health problems.

Genital strokes and erotic poses will do NOTHING for anyone, if the person has not learned to let go of all that crap, be fully present, mastered communication and how to make love with energy.

In my experience, the most amazing sexual experiences have being energetic and with my clothes ON!

I love to help people to truly experience sexual liberation while being divine.

How does it get any better than that?

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Looking forward helping you to master your love life, relationships and sexuality,

Lucia Gabriela.