Times of Healing

We are living in times of deep healing. 
We are healing ancestral trauma. 
Trauma caused by domineering abusive powers. 
Trauma caused by a lack of consciousness, a lack of seeing each human being as powerful divine beings.
Trauma that’s due to be addressed and healed.

Healing comes in different medicinal ways; all ways are needed.
Healing ancestral trauma is not pretty to look at, it is not comfortable, it is not peaceful, and it is not light. Centuries of oppression and abuse have reached another boiling point.

We are living in times where our work in the archetypes of Sacred Priestesses & Priests of the World is to hold space, support, and protect our brothers and sisters who are healing. 
When we hold space for healing, we are present; we listen, we feel their pain, we ask for what they need, we see them in their power reclaiming their voice and sovereignty, and we offer our support.

As the archetypes of Priestesses & Priests of the World,
Holding space takes strength and requires us to get out of our own way. 
Holding space is about our brothers and sisters who are healing, not about us. It is about listening more, and taking action with them & for them.
Holding space is about accepting the rawness and bitterness of the medicine, which many times can be releasing anger and rage to awaken the oppressors and perpetrators that have used forms of abuse and toxic power. Releasing of anger and rage to let them know their abusive and oppressive tactics are not welcome, accepted or tolerated anymore.

In support of ending police brutality, violence and discrimination because of our differences.

Black, POC and BIPOC brothers and sisters, we are here for you today and always. 

Lucia Gabriela

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