Let’s talk and explore Jealousy

Is jealousy impacting your life? I created this for all of us who may experience it once or a few times in life. 
Relationship tip: Explore which of these fears could be behind jealousy for you:

Fear of…
__ not being appreciated
__ not being adored
__ not being enough 
__ not being significance 
__ not being a priority
__ not being unique
__ not being seen
__ not being felt
__ not being chosen
__ not being wanted
__ not being craved
__ not being considered
__ not being accepted
__ not being honored
__ being replaced
__ being compared 
__ being judged
__ being misunderstood
__ not getting quality and intimate time
__ not getting full attention
__ not getting full presence
__ not experiencing authentic connection 
__ getting scraps 
__ getting less 
__ losing
__ missing out
__ not existing 

Jealousy is letting us know that at a subconscious realm, there is a fear we are not seeing and alchemizing into a greater gift for our evolution and mastery.
Action Step:
This list was created to process my own internal journey of jealousy. I use this list to become aware of what FEAR is actually happening within me and WHY such fear may be the prevalent one.
Once I recognize the fear and the why, I understand even more what needs, desires, and boundaries must be met and fulfilled by me first and then any other intimate partner I may be in a relationship with. 
Knowing which fear is dominating my internal conflicts helps me to properly address jealousy and not allow this painful and destructive feeling to take over my life, my relationships, and partnerships.

Wishing this tool is useful to you.
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Lucia Gabriela

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