“All partnerships are relationships, but not all relationships are partnerships” Lucia Gabriela

Jacob Jones is my partner in alchemy, transformation, and accountability to embody my highest potential. 

Over three years ago we attended our first #tonyrobbinsupw #event and started a deeper journey of alchemy as a couple, as a relationship, and as partners.

Having a partner in the realm of transformation,
Who witnesses me in my journey;
Who holds space for me to do my awakening, embracing, surrendering, and integration of my shadows and darkness;
Who keeps me accountable for my commitments, decisions, actions, words, and power;
Who calls me out when I try to utilize transformational tools to bypass my growth, unfairly manipulate an outcome, or abuse my power;
Who is in service of the relationship, and upholds the intentions for each partnership we have said YES to;
Who invites me to surrender to being helped and being served—stopping me from sacrificing myself to fulfill unmet self-love;
Who is willing to explore deeper within self: what else is possible to purge, to awaken, and to reclaim, in pursuit of more life, more love, more joy, and more bliss.


It took me decades to realize that ”all partnerships are relationships, but not all relationships are partnerships”. Throughout our first two years of our relationship, I demanded and expected my lover to be a partner in all aspects of my life. I wanted him 110% committed as a full partner in every area of my life, including as a business partner. This would sometimes lead us to struggle and experience conflicts within selves and with each other. 

I was pushing my lover to show up as a partner in areas of my life that were outside of his nature, willingness, ability, and desire.
I was judging my lover for not fulfilling these self-unfulfilled parts of me; creating excuses to keep myself stuck from my own evolution and growth. 
I was blaming my triggers on my lover and punishing him for honoring his commitment to stay in integrity with giving me an honest “yes” and an honest “no” for which areas he is 110% committed to full partnership.
I was expecting him to show up as a “man” because of how social conditioning tells us to define a man, including spiritual ideas of masculine & feminine energy.
I was ”poking” at his boundaries to see where they felt weak until the breakdown was inevitable and I won.
I was depending on my lover to help fill up the different fuel tanks in so many parts of my life, including the ones he had already said NO to.

I was in a personal hell of inner conflicts.
I was figuring out how to bring more consciousness into my relationships after decades of witnessing, learning, and experiencing first-hand toxic relationships.
And even though I was confused, I was committed to embodying conscious partnerships and relationships.

I have so much gratitude, appreciation, and adoration for this amazing lover who is a 110% partner in many aspects of my life.

It is amazing to see where we are now in our lives and how much growth and expansion we continue to experience on our journey together.

The lessons, tools, and practical psychology I have learned and continue to learn from my own relationships and partnerships, I share with my one-on-one clients, event participants, and friends. If you desire to learn more about these concepts, practical tools, and relationship mastery, reach out to me. If you live in or travel to Florida, I invite you to attend a live event that is lead by me.

Beyond live events and in-person experiences, I offer several ways to support you and connect with you wherever you live, such as webinars and personalized coaching via live calls and/or video calls. 

For now – What kind of partnerships are you saying YES or NO to in your love relationships?

Lucia Gabriela

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