Sex, Sexual Energy and Conscious Sexual Healing ~ How we see it, How we do it.

**DISCLAIMER – Read our Code of Ethic and Standard of Practice before reading this article**

Before we dive deep into its explanation, let’s explore our own definition of sex and sexual energy.

S.E.X. as we see it, feel it and experience it. It is a multidimensional creative experience weaving all aspects of self in all realms beyond our physical bodies.

S.E.X.U.A.L.  E.N.E.R.G.Y. is creative energy, it births and manifests all desires aligned with our hearts and souls.

What holds us back from birthing and manifesting our life’s desires and juicy dreams?  A combination of multiple self-created and inherited layers of “icky stuff” that cloud our inner power and make us forget who we truly are.

What is that “icky stuff”?
– limiting beliefs, stories, mindsets
– genealogical self-destructive patterns
– transgenerational and personal emotional and/or sexual traumas
– energetic somatic blockages
– lack of understanding and integration of our wholeness
– confusion about who we are and our purpose

Our creative energy flows through us and we have access to it at all times, but we will find ourselves stuck in any area of our lives and creations when simple or complex combinations of the above block the flow of our creative energy.  This can affect our health, relationships, sexuality, abundance, careers, and desires.


C.O.N.S.C.I.O.U.S.  S.E.X.U.A.L.  H.E.A.L.I.N.G.

Let us emphasize…

Sexual healing doesn’t start at the genitals, it starts in the mind by transcending false beliefs and conditioning around sexuality

The main reason why we start there is because your mind has the power of focus, and “where focus goes, energy flows.”

This alchemical and conscious sexual healing path is an initiation to self mastery, leading us into a journey where we are being asked to purge, uncreate, destroy, let go and transcend the following:
– limiting beliefs and stories
– disempowering mindsets
– illusions of separation of self such as light/dark, Feminine/Masculine, heaven/hell, black/white, good/bad, right/wrong, etc.
– ancestral energetic cords
– genealogical emotional and/or sexual traumas
– inner-child traumas,
– somatic energetic blocks
– triggers and their reactions
– emotions like fear, shame, guilt, rejection, judgement, hate, etc.

Conscious Sexual Healing is integrative, holistic, inclusive, therapeutic and expansive.  In our journey of helping individuals and couples to awaken their creative power and embody who they are meant to be in this world and manifest their deepest desires, we have personally witnessed the power of working with the root of what is actually creating the lack of wellbeing, joy, intimacy, sensuality, sex, abundance and freedom.

The art of Conscious Sexual Healing starts at the core of our sexuality, rather than at the surface of any genitals.  In our practice we have welcomed individuals who have experienced some type of sexual healing where their genitals were the focus of their healing process, and it created more trauma and chaos in their lives.

Let us explain why we see this phenomenon happening.  Genital massage, dearmoring or somatic sexual work is a sacred practice that is meant to be:
– given by high level healers (high priest/ess) or practitioners who have integrated their own sexual healing and are fully consciously aligned to facilitate this experience as the final step of an intensive program. This qualified practitioner has fully prepared their clients in purging all above “icky stuff,” and even more, before such a sacred and powerful experience. **WE DON’T OFFER ANY KIND OF GENITAL THERAPY**
– received by only those who have gone through the intense alchemical sexual healing path, where they have prepared themselves and gained the skills and tools to address any situation of contrast (what you don’t want in life) that may show up in their life, with a lot more ease, bliss and joyful awareness.

What we have seen is clients being retraumatized by genital-focused sexual healing, because they haven’t received enough in-depth preparation and tools to deal with daily old and new “icky stuff.”

Let’s understand, we are like an onion, and each wounded layer we peel off, we will welcome, see, and feel a deeper layer that needs healing. So the more we work and heal in ourselves, the more layers we peel and the more of our true self we become and embody.

In somatic bodywork, we are aware that our body stores both beautiful and traumatic memories.  When we experience somatic therapies like massage, body dearmoring, energy healing, acupuncture, and others, our body will release memories in the form of visions, emotions, spontaneous past memories, body reactions (like chills, sweat, gas, shaking, heavy breathing, burps, hiccups etc.) and/or bursts of energy throughout our whole body.

Somatic bodywork that does not include the genitals and anus, is beyond powerful when the individual is treated as a whole with a holistic approach. Now, if somatic genital work is done to someone who has not purged much at all of their “icky stuff,” and has not done fundamental inner work with a holistic approach, the experience can be traumatic.

In somatic bodywork we know and understand that any energetic circuit we tap into, turn on (activate), and/or trigger, will release energy, emotions, and memories that have been waiting to be released from our bodies and life experiences.  People MUST be prepared for the process and the unfolding of their healing.  If we go straight to performing somatic genital work to release “icky stuff” without proper conscious preparation, the activation will be catastrophic to the individual ~ it is like giving a bomb to a child to play with. **WE DON’T OFFER ANY KIND OF GENITAL THERAPY**

We are sharing our observations and memories about how priests and priestesses of Ancient Egypt initiated people into the realms of Sexual Alchemy and Self Mastery. This is why we turn away people who are looking for only genital-focused sexual healing.  We feel that they are not ready.  If someone comes to us and seems ready, they still have to go through our program to polish anything that may still need to be addressed at a deeper level, and two scenarios may happen: **DISCLAIMER – Read our Code of Ethic and Standard of Practice**
A) The client becomes ready, and since the program has helped them to improve all aspects of themself, including their intimate relationships, they have become closer with their lover/partner.  Together they have learned how to hold space for each other’s  healing, and in sacredness they can practice somatic genital work with each other. This is a beautiful experience to see couples do as part of their growth and evolution.
B) The client becomes ready, and is an empowered single person, so we will refer him or her to a qualified professional who is legally able to do this work and complies with our high standards, such as a highly conscious practice, integrity, compassion, honoring, respect, acceptance, and authentic support.  We deliver great care for our clients and to refer them to one of our referral partners who will truly care for them compassionately.

Conscious Sexual Healing is a powerful medicine that we have access to.  It all starts by saying YES to yourself and claiming your initiation. It is not for everyone, it is for those who are committed, willing and able to be a master of their own life.

If you feel called and inspired to start your initiation into a greater life, book here a complimentary discovery call to explore what you desire in life and how we can help you achieve it. 

You're beautiful!

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Lucia Gabriela