The rape of men – a topic we don’t talk about.

We brush it off like it is not significant. 

We ignore it to believe it never happened.
We mock those who have gone through such a painful journey. 
We demean their suffering and ask them to suck it up and be a strong man. 
To not cry, to not complain, to not share, 
to not feel, 
to not feel,
to not feel…

They have few places to go for help.
We don’t have many established resources to help them heal, reclaim and thrive.
We drug them for them to not feel at all.
We don’t know how to hold space for them and understand the origin of their disconnection from their mind, body, heart and soul.
We leave them lost in a chaos that is scary, dark and painful.

Right now is the time to create more opportunities for men who have gone through sexual trauma to reclaim their authenticity, confidence, and power. 
Right now is the time to open our hearts to their pain and embrace them with compassion and love.
Right now is the time for them to feel alive again.
It is time to create space for men’s sexual healing without shame and judgment.

In addition to working with women, I have been working with men who have been emotionally abused, sexually raped, and dishonored in their existence. Today, I welcomed one powerful man into my Sexual Healing and Mastery Program for him to reclaim his sexuality after being raped by a catholic priest.

I am truly blessed and delighted to do the work I do. It is not an easy path but it is so needed. My invitation to you is: if you know of any men who need help, let them know that there are people like me in their communities ready to help. If you have or know of other resources, please share them with me to add them to my list of resources. 

Lucia Gabriela

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