Transformation within Relationships

The lover I am today is not even close to the lover that started in this relationship. How we became the “honey” for each other is not a mystery, but a mastery of self.

My “honey” (a.k.a delicious lover) has been the nectar of sacredness, safety, and support I have needed these past two years, even though we have been together for four.

For two years I have been dealing with toxic co-parenting, and legal matters around the subject. Throughout this process, there were times all I wanted to do was disappear while crying out the rage and anger of dealing with someone who constantly lied, gaslighted, and perpetrated invisible harm. The gift of this period of my life has been the power of knowing and reclaiming my boundaries. A skill that has been most powerful in my own growth and my work with clients.

When you come from a traumatic and toxic past relationship, it may seem challenging to be the ”honey” in your present relationship if you carry so much old shit with you. But let me tell you this…

It takes courage to change your own flavor from sour to sweet, like honey.
It takes commitment to observe yourself and choose bliss over drama when you feel toxic.
It takes compassion to honor yourself even when you don’t feel like it.
It takes maturity to face the truth even when it is scary, and even a level of mastery to grow from facing your own self defeating lies.

Appreciating my partner for his unconditional energetic support, and for holding me in his delightful presence as a witness of the pain that has given birth to my most authentic self surrounded by boundaries, wisdom, and magic.

He is my ”soothing honey,” the one I cannot wait to come home to.
I am his ”spicy honey,” the one he craves with body and soul.

How we got to this point of surrendering and bliss was not luck, hope, or faith.

How we got here and continue to grow has been because we face our dark lies and commit to being the honey we want to come home to.

Are you choosing to be the ”honey” in your relationship or the poison?

Loving you,

Lucia Gabriela

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