When we use sex

When we use sex
as a way to prove
we are worthy of
our existence,
desires, and

When we use sex
to validate
we are
complete, and
good enough.

When the thought
“I am worthy”
is not enough
for the part
of self that
is always in
and feels

When we lie
to ourselves,
getting into
spicy relationships
where the sex is good,
it feels good
at the moment,
but when it is over
we feel empty
all over again.

When we use sex
for need
and fall into
the abyss of
confusion, and

When we use sex
as a way to connect
when there is no
authentic connection,
but an illusion…
We lose the essence
of intimacy,
we miss the essence
of sex.

When we use sex
instead of
allowing sex
flow through us.

How about allowing
sex to flow through us
for creation

How about allowing
sex to seduce us
into our supreme

How about allowing
sex to awaken us
into our infinite

How about surrendering
to the journey of alchemy
sex has in store for us?

It is time
we stop to understand
and appreciate
what sex is,
beyond this body,
beyond this world,
and beyond our

It is time
we allow sex
to experiences us,

It is time
indeed, it is time.

Lucia Gabriela.

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