You Are Powerful

You are powerful

If you can not see it because of the subtle brainwash humans have been put through

Your time is here and now to witness your power of creation and destruction

Power to destroy your limitations

Power to embrace your creations

Your thoughts create or destroy

Are you a master of your thoughts?

Your emotions direct the course of creation

Are you a master of your emotions?

Thoughts equal focus

Emotions equal energy in motion

What are you focusing on now?

Where is your energy being directed?

Are you creating?

What are you creating?

You are powerful

We are powerful

Be aware of your power

Your imagination is power, beware of such

Collective imagination is creating realities

What are we creating?

What are we paying attention to?

Imagination is the universe’s language to communicate with us

Imagination has a message

What message are we getting?

Are we awake? Or Are we asleep?

The message is here

You are powerful

Stop doubting yourself

Stop denying yourself from such truth

You are powerful

Lucia Gabriela

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