The CURSE of BEAUTY ~ a hidden pain many don’t talk about.

Let’s my heart been heard,
Many memories,
Many ugly truths,
Many dark episodes,
Many deaths,
Many lies and untruths,

Let’s my soul speak,
I have seen sisters and brothers’ lives taken away from them because of such beauty.

I have seen injustice done to beauty, to true beauty.

Before I continue…

Be careful – this will fire up and trigger anger and hate on many,
Be aware – what I am going about to say has been talked in multiple women circles, men circles and events,
Be understanding that outside beauty has been dishonored and punished,
Be compassionate that many have suffered from being beautiful to the point they have been raped in many levels, not just physical – A topic I will address later on another post,
Be loving to welcome your own triggers and respond to YOURSELF in the most loving way,
Because, I am You – You are me.

For millenniums, the truth on physical beauty had been corrupted in many ways – disempowered matriarchy and patriarchy played a big role on this.

For many religions, male and female physical beauty was seen as the sign of devil hidden on a human body… Damn good looking male/female has made a damn contract with the devil to seduce her/his way into life and make others do what she/he pleased.

Many of us were killed, burned and prosecuted because beauty scared many,
Using fear to tame a society who has a voice which wanted to be heard.

Many think that those who were not considered beautiful suffered deeply without seen the true suffering those who were considered beautiful had to go trough.

Many brothers and sisters were raped,
Many brothers and sisters were put down in many ways,
Many brothers and sisters were discriminated and not given the opportunity to be self and live in peace.

Greek Mythology and Ancient Books has shared many passages were beautiful Narcissus became vain of self…

I question everything,
Was that the true reason he became a flower by a lake,
Was the human interpretation truthful,
Or the interpretation of this story was a hidden agenda to tame and punish beauty on its wholeness?

I question the message and the interpretation,
Asking my soul for observation,
I saw a beautiful story where Narcissus appreciates the beauty of source which was quite sublime reflected on him,
I saw a men admiring source creation in human form,
I saw a men misunderstood….
My observation, my own reflection.

Beauty for many has been a curse,
Beauty has been unwanted for many brothers and sisters, because others self projected judgments based on self insecurities on THEIR OWN BEAUTY.

Beauty is unique,
Beauty is giving to every single one of us,
Beauty is gifted to every single baby from conception, now how you treat your gift is your responsibility….

No apologies to tell you a truth…. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!
But at the same time you are responsible to sustain and maintain the beautiful body that was gifted to you.

We individually have the power to honor self beauty and adorn ourselves.

Beautiful people has being abused in many ways…
We had created ideas and concept around beautiful beings based on our own insecurities and victimization that everything is done to us because of lack of self approval.

“This woman took my husband away – her beauty intoxicated him”
“This woman’s beauty has put a spell upon my child”
“This woman’s beauty is the sign of devil”
“Her beauty PROVOKE ME”
“She got a greater grade because she is beautiful”
“She can have any man she wants”
“She took my job away from me, dam her!”
“She will steel my man”
“She doesn’t need to work, her beauty will pay her way through life”
“She doesn’t know my pain of not having what I desire”
“She can have anything she wants”
“Beautiful women marry ugly rich men ~ they just need to open their legs”
“….that beautiful secretary sleeps with her boss to make her way into the company”
“she has it easy”
“Woman (referring to me)… Want to teach love, sensuality and sexuality… Cover your body!!”
“You shameless beautiful coach, cover your cleavage to gain trust from other women who need to heal their relationships” — (yep, referring to me again)
“You are dam beautiful, how much you want?”
“She is easy”
“You are beautiful.. You don’t need to do anything to attract the man you want”
“I cannot stop looking at you, you are beautiful , you have cause me to have an erection and feeling horny”
“She is beautiful, I want to fuck her now!”

Apply these with men too…

I have looked myself in the mirror, hating my own beauty ~ looking for ways to people like me and really pay attention to my love, inner beauty, intelligence, sense of humor, humbleness, compassion, eagerness, sacredness, name it.

I have killed myself many life times because my beauty had provoke sexual rape and face mutilation.

I have been bullied from other beautiful women because beauty has become a competition of acceptance.

How lower have we gone… Creating competitions in something so divine and so unique – making women and men hate each other if they don’t fit into the guidelines of what it takes to win ~ disgusting!

We have been so brainwashed with “IT IS ME” – I am responsible of other triggers and lack of self love, self authenticity, self acceptance, self responsibility and self awareness.

We all, men and women ~ no matter what religion or culture have been hypocrite with our own truth and beauty essence.

I lived for so many years of my life feeling guilty for my looks,
I tried everything to tame my beauty ~ old saggy bras, old clothes, hair up all the time, no make up because God forbids I am accused of not being natural…

And that is the other fucking annoying thing about natural and spiritual tribes…

“You are not natural if you wear make up and if you do, it has to be organic and natural ingredients and your hair has to be gray!”

“You are not spiritual if you wear make up and do your hair, beauty does not need make up”

Excuse my French…. Fucking got me there!

I am who I am and I don’t need to FIT in either tribe.

In ancient times, we used to adorn our bodies with paint, exotic looks, fun drapes, vivid colors to celebrate source through us, through art, through music and poems.

Beauty has been disrespected in many ways and forms.

Physical beauty is a gift EVERY SINGLE ONE of us has access to,
We are unique, special and exquisite – our physical beauty embody our uniqueness.
We are responsible to take care of our body as the amazing gift source/universe has giving to us.
Our physical beautiful body is our vehicle to live the most amazing experiences in our life.

Be proud of your beauty and free to BE YOU!
Be enchanted by your own beauty and live in gratitude you are UNIQUE.

It is time, we look at each others beauty and honor self by not projecting our own insecurities and immaturity upon others.

I love MYSLEF, my body and my beauty – with make up, hair done and the opposite.

I invite you to love yourself so much and honor your own beauty and adorn yourself from a place of power and not of lack.

I have done many things in the past from a place of lack, hoping whatever I do fulfill me ~ it didn’t work.

Now, before I do anything I ask myself:

– My want and desire to do, be and express is coming from where: whole or lack?

Do I feel whole already before I do it?
Do I feel this will complete me?

If it comes from incompletion ~ I go deeper and explore what is going on with me.

Be beautiful and exquisite everyday of your life!

How will your life be when you accept you are beautiful in your unique way and free yourself from others lack of self acceptance?

Let’s create from a place of beauty.


Copyright 2016 Lucia Gabriela.