Shadow Work ~ F@ck!

In my journey of self exploration and self acceptance to embody my truth, my essence and my potential….

I got to dive deeper into my shadow,
I got to honor the unseen of me,
I got to face the unheard of me,
I got to do the dirty, muddy and hell/fire work.

Shadow Work is a key element to “Clear The Love Canvas” to attract true love into your life and/or reignite intimacy, sensuality and sexuality in your relationship.

Shadow Work may seem scary,
Here you will witness the part of you that you have been afraid off,
Here you will learn to honor it, respect it, understand it and love it,
Which ~ it will allow you to LOVE your infinite self in all lights/darkness, dimensions, realities and realms.

Shadow Work will free you to be SELF.

Shadow work is about allowing SELF to be seen, it is not meant to eliminate any part of you ~ because all of you is wanted and needed it.

So I invite you to face your shadows, explore them, accept them and love them.

You are magnificent in your wholeness ~ light and dark,
Love you and appreciate you in your infinite ~ light and dark,

Be your authentic self now and forever, we need you!


Copyright 2016 Lucia Gabriela.