“I wish I had time to….” he said to the Death Priestess on his final day.

Laying on his bed, scared of the unknown, he whispers… “I wish I had time to…”

Looking through the window, in wonder and sadness, he whispers… “I wish I had time to…”

Feeling his fine linen sheets and soft blanket, he whispers… “I wish I had time to…”

Feeling his heart, his body, his breath ~ he whispers… “I wish I had time to…”

Oh what I have done?

What have I done my whole life?

Looking back at his life he remembers all the time he spent working for others, working long hours, missing family events, collecting riches and trophies.

Looking back at his relationships, he wonders what he would have done different to be in love forever and made those relationships the best experiences of his life.

Now, “Life Audit” has come into process ~ the moment where we come forward to review our life in all angles, realms and dimensions.

“What I have done? Oh lord…

I wish I had time to…”

During this epic moment of experiencing self in his whole vulnerability, his eyes tear up, and he feels, he senses, he sees her…

Beautiful in all realms, she shows up to him.

He is scared,

He wonders who this beautiful lady is,

He whispers… “I wish I had time to”

Softly and gently she approaches him with a glorious smile on her face…

He whispers… “I wish I had time to”

She introduces herself as the Death Priestess. She is wearing a beautiful black gown with golden trim. Her hair is long and soft, adorned with flowers and sparkles. Her skin is tan with green eyes and beautiful luscious red lips.

He whispers… “I wish I had time to”

She asks: “What would you have done differently if you MADE TIME for?”

He feels the guilt, he experiences the emotion, he understands its motion…

He replies:

“I would have traveled more and seen the world,

I would have enjoyed the little things in life like the caterpillar climbing up the tree,

I would have stopped for a day and seen life as its true beauty,

I would have written poems to myself and cherished them with others,

I would have felt the rain falling on my naked skin,

I would have played with my kids in the mud,

I would have sang out loud and shared my passion for life,

I would have smiled at life even when obstacles were present,

I would have cried at romantic movies and laughed out hard at funny ones,

I would have stopped worrying how my bills were gonna get paid,

I would have cherished the lazy days and felt stillness,

I would have breathed with joy to be alive,

I would have cooked for strangers,

I would have loved without fears,

I would have given without expectations,

I would have received without expectations,

I would have taught my skills to youngsters,

I would have appreciated my lovers, their lessons, our journeys, and I would have loved them for who they were,

I would have listened more,

I would have reached out to all my friends more often,

I would have opened my heart and mind to explore life, love and the world…”

His list went on for a while… Looking back at his life, he recognizes he did have the time ~ he didn’t make time for it.

Death Priestess looks at him with love and compassion and asks…

Your death is near. Until then what do you want to do with this time?

He looked at her with awe and replied…”STOP WISHING and START LIVING”

She smiles and nods her head in agreement.

Yes, LIVE every second and breath you have,

Yes, allow yourself to EXPERIENCE things that are out of your comfort zone that will grow your power.

Yes, LEARN what drives and excites you.

Yes, COOK for yourself and strangers, NOURISH your body with what will nourish your soul.

Yes, FEEL your emotions and be vulnerable to them.

Yes, ACT now and listen to your soul’s call and be obedient to it.

Yes, LOVE yourself more than ever, share it with the world and those around you.

Yes, CREATE your own life story and re-write it when it needs some flavor.

Yes, DESTROY your old stories that are just baggage and hold you back into shame, guilt, sadness, hate, fears, abuse and toxic patterns.

Yes, give a MEANING to your life and experiences from a place of power, maturity, love and compassion for self.

Every minute of life, it’s an eternity.

Your time to LIVE AND LOVE is now!

After stopping to feel the power of time before death, he feels and sees time as an energetic portal which he has control to pause, speed up, rewind and cross observe all his realms and realities at once.

He is aware of what has been happening and now this life/death experience expands his consciousness to see himself as the creator of his own matrix, vortexes, universes, cosmos and worlds.

After embracing this revelation, he looks at and deeply understands life.

Death Priestess, guardian of the Portal of Death, asks:

“What do you want to do now?”

His reply: “BE LIFE now, smile, laugh, cry, eat, dance, write, sing, invite friends and family, share my wisdom and riches, LOVE, play with energy and magic.”

She smiles and leaves his presence with a shower of golden roses, showering him with bliss, joy, freedom, peace, love and eternity.


If you have read until the end, my desire for you is to live your life at your fullest: to stop wishing and start taking action on what makes your heart expand in orgasmic bliss.

Allow yourself to be in love and fall in love with SELF and share this joy with your beloveds,

Allow yourself to be unique and authentic ~ your secret ingredient to attract everything you want in your life, from love to money.

Be in the best relationship with yourself and from that place, create amazing partnerships with lovers, children, family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and strangers.

My desire for you today is to LIVE LOVE and BE LOVE.


Copyright 2016 Lucia Gabriela.