A Sensual Commitment Series – 7 days to awaken, unlock, and unleash your Sacred Sensual Self

How about instead of saying yes to a challenge, we say YES to a commitment.

Join us on a 7-day commitment to awaken, unlock, and unleash our Sacred Sensual Self.

Day One – Sensual Permission

How would your life look when you give yourslef permission to feel, BE and embody your full sensual potency?


Day Two – Sensual Intention

BE the sensual creator you are, since we are activating and moving precious energy, it is important to have an intention to consciously direct our energy to create the delicious life we desire.


Day Three – Sensual Breathing

In this video I share with you a powerful Tantric Breath to ignite and awaken your sensual energy, a breath that also connects you with your sexuality by breathing energy through your genitals.


Day Four – Sensual Energy

Once you have started your sensual activation through sensual breath, now I will share with you a key that invites you to surrender into your sensual energy even more and start awakening and moving this sensual energy.


Day Five – Sensual Movement 

After setting up the foundation to awaken and activate our sensual energy through permission, intention, breath, and energy ~ ~ ~ It is time we direct this sensual energy through conscious movement and opening up our bodies even more to bliss, joy, vitality and wellbeing.

Day Five is all about movement! How does it get any better than that?


Day Six – Sensual Touch

I love the days when I have the opportunity to share how powerful one of my favorite love languages is: Touch

Sensual Touch is Conscious Touch – touch that heals by connecting you to your body and to the world around you.

Apply sensual touch in your life today, and feel the awakening of your sensual self even more…. a lot more!


Day Seven – Sensual Taste

Finally, the most delicious and yummy aspect of awakening, your sensuality is giving yourself permission to create sacred (judgment-free) space to be fully present with yourself and taste the deliciousness of what life has to offer.

WARNING! This video will inspire you to give yourslef full permission to be even more sensual, eat sensually and feed your precious body deliciously like never before – because your body will ask for the real nourishment it requires to thrive.



Now, if you are ready to reclaim and awaken your Sacred Sensual Self, click here to book a complementary Awakening Call to explore what is holding you back from being sensual, feeling sensual, and embodying your sensual essence. At the end of the call, we will explore what customized experiences are available to you, such as coaching programs, somatic experiences, private or group immersions, and retreats.