Cosmic Foreplay….

Sister moon looking from above,
So is delightful Venus…
In paradise, Zeus says hello with a lightning smile,
Water fully present with her seductive flow,
Breeze says hello with a feathered kiss,
Self welcomes the sacredness of Dawn.

They all observe the sensual dance,
They witness Self adoration to all aspects of infinite Self.

One breath, awakens Kundalini,
Two breaths, fuels her fire,
Three breaths, activates her juice,
Beyond that, the journey becomes erotic,
It stays ecstatic.

Soft mood music in the air,
The dance has started to open all portals of:
Love, creation, communion, and energetic bliss.

Soft touch with care,
One long stroke from toe to ear….
Soft sensual moves,
Moaning with allowance.
Delicious, long priestess hair feathering her body.

One breath, kundalini is awake,
Two breaths, she wants more,
Three breaths, she has aroused,
Allowing her take over this sultry body,
Full permission to explore,
Full allowance to feel.

Time disappears,
Time joins her,
One breath, I feel
Two breaths, I sense
Three breaths, I merge
Love Making, stars with no end…

His power arises from the east,
Arising and merging,
Uniting in bliss,
Bringing his ancestral juice,
His erotic sunkiss all over her body,
Honoring her majesty, Kundalini.
Joining the moon with moon kisses,
The foreplay has no words and no end….

Ahh… Ecstasy and foreplay,

Touch of fire, cosmic Fire,
Body awakens its orgasmic flow,
Merging with Earth’s love.
Her power increases,
An experience of Goddesses and Gods,
Sensual Alchemy leading Sexual Bliss.

Living and feeling,
Ahhh…. No end,
Eternal bliss available to all.


Copyright 2016 Lucia Gabriela