A dance of energy and power to explore your deepest surrendering.

What are you willing to surrender to?

TantriKink is a conscious and playful fusion of these two worlds, Tantra and Kink/BDSM, where the awakening of your senses and the mastery of your dominant and submissive energies takes place. A method designed to spice up and rekindle your relationship with yourself and your partner by understanding the playful energies that many times are being ignored or assumed dormant.

Learn Tantric practices to awaken your sensual and erotic energy to connect with your partner at a deeper level and learn conscious Kink/BDSM dynamics that will invite you to surrender deeper within yourself to birth your master self.

TantriKink is a conscious, somatic, and energetic experience facilitated to help you surrender into your pleasure, bliss, joy, ecstasy, alchemy, and evolution. It is a journey of energetic awareness, awakening, exploration, and ownership of who you are as an individual, partner, lover, alchemist, and master in the realms of love, relationships, and sexuality.

With the TantriKink™ Method you will:

- Learn how TantriKink can enhance your love, intimacy, and sex life.

- Learn how energy awareness and mastery can awaken the fire of passion in your life.

- Learn the power of mastering your dominant and surrendering/submissive energies.

- Did you know that intimate partners get turned on in the presence of Dominant energy? Learn how you can awaken and embody your Sacred Dominant Self.

- Learn the power of creating a sacred and safe field of energy for your partner to surrender to their desires.

- Learn why your role as a Dominant is critical. If the Dominant role is weak and lacks confidence, your partner won't be able to surrender fully.

- Learn the difference between being Dominant vs. being Domineering. Abuse does not have a place in TantriKink practices.

- Learn how to embody your Sacred Submissive Self and surrender fully to your mind, heart, body, soul, and life purpose.

- Learn the power of surrendering and why mastering this energy welcomes even more love, pleasure, health, and abundance.

- Learn the power of creating conscious boundaries required for both energies to exist in harmony. Without boundaries, we experience abuse and chaos. Consent is real.

- Explore your kink archetypes, as Dominant or submissive, that add more fun, playfulness, and aliveness in your relationships.

- Learn to create powerful, playful experiences with your partner that are healing, liberating, and alchemical.

- Explore Tantric rituals and practices to connect heart to heart with a partner.

- Surrender to Divine Touch, a tantric and healing touch to connect with your partner's body, pleasure, and bliss. This is not a sexual massage.

- Learn how to negotiate a sacred scene and explore your kink play at an actual dungeon.

Let's Work Together

Private 101 Couples Session

Let's explore on a call if TantriKink™ is what you are looking for.

One Day In-Person Retreat

Join us at our next in-person couples' event.


As a BDSM sex educator, professional, and skeptic, I cannot recommend Tantrikink enough. The care and attention to detail that Lucia take with every aspect of the event is evident. They create easily digestible groundwork for safe intimate, sexual exploration. The narrative behind the activities supports personal power and bodily autonomy that is often overlooked. And they do it in a fun and dynamic way.

Over 20 years in the scene, and nearly as long as a BDSM educator, this is the first time that I have seen a workshop that focuses so much on a healthy exploration of the intersection of Zen and a D/s (power dynamic) relationship.

I've been merging energy and BDSM in my own play and sex work for the last few years. as someone so sensitive to and conscious of energy and the dynamics of gender identity, power and consent, Tantrikink offered an opportunity for me to ground in that intersection. What a wonderful experience that was.

Tantrikink offered the perfect atmosphere to ground, broaden and solidify my connection with energy and kink both personally and professionally.

- Elizabeth Davis, MsKitty Black

This was an incredible event for me to discover things about myself that I didn’t know were there! Learning these things have opened my heart to things I am passionate about and also to things that need work within myself. I felt I was in such a safe, sacred, and free space to express who I am on many different levels with like minded people! Thank you so much for hosting this event and I look forward to exploring more and attending other events! 

- E.S

Tantrikink is an absolutely amazing experience that left me feeling as if I was just a part of a beautiful piece of art and connection.

- Heidi Ronquillo

If you are even a little curious, Lucia Gabriela holds a safe and supportive space in which to learn about, and open to intimacy in a variety of ways - to your own comfort level. Highly recommended.

- Elizabeth Kennedy, Coach, Intuitive Healer

This was a really well coordinated intro class, a very comfortable and safe environment to learn and have questions answered. Highly recommended for anyone curious.

- Anonymous

I really enjoyed this class. Lucia did an excellent job of creating a safe space and demanding respect in the room. They both seem like fun individuals and I would trust them to teach me more. All in all an interesting night. Highly recommend this class for anyone who has even the slightest interest. I have been curious for years but never knew or searched out ways to become more knowledgeable. This class is a great intro to this world.

- Tawana Waugh

It was such a comfortable, yet boundary expanding event. Lucia and everybody involved did such a professional job of teaching and leading the class. I highly recommend this for anybody interested in getting into anything kink.

- Anonymous

Lucia is extremely professional and make tantra and kink fun. Their style makes everyone comfortable and attentive.

- Jim S.