Why I don’t EMpoweR Women & Men?

Last night I was in a juicy and fierce conversation about how men can empower women in a #clubhouse room lead by amazing @Peter M. Lucas 👏 I gave my two cents, and the room got even more on 🔥

Those who know me and have worked with me know I don’t resonate with “someone empowers someone else.”

EMPOWER Definition


1. give (someone) the authority or power to do something.

2. make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

I am not here to empower anyone,

I am not here to give anyone their power because they already have it!

I am not here to make anyone stronger or confident because they already are!

I am not here to stroke my ego because I gave or made someone feel their power.

I don’t see anyone as powerless or weak. The moment I agree with people’s limiting beliefs, such as they have no power, are weak, or have no confidence – in that moment I have lost myself because I have stopped seeing my power and disconnected from our creative Source power (God/Goddess) 👉 with which we are all connected.

I don’t need to empower you,

I don’t want to empower you,

I care less about the idea of empowering you.

Let me tell you what I am here for!

I am here to create a sacred space free of fear, shame, and judgment to

🔥SEE you in your power,

🔥HONOR you in your power,

🔥 CELEBRATE you in your power,

🔥 ADORE you in your power,

🔥APPRECIATE you in your power,

🔥 HOLD you in your power.


💋You are a💥powerful, magnificent, and delicious magical being 🦄

💋You are an incredible alchemist of life for life.

💋You are a gift 🎁 of Source (God/Goddess)

💋You are an inspiration to SOURCE (God/Goddess)

🔥 I invite you to WELCOME and ABSORB this ☝️ IN your body and heart ❤️

Yes, Yes, Yes – YOU INSPIRE SOURCE! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Your life and journeys inspire the universe to keep expanding and evolving!

Yes, Yes, Yes – TAKE THIS ☝️ IN!

🔥You are fucking awesome 💥🦄💥

I am here to create a space where the energy is juicy, alive, and expansive.

I am here to feel MY power, embody it and let that congruency be a catalyst to the world.

I create the empowerINg space withIN myself and give myself permission to BE and radiate what is possible.

So what I do is, I help people explore and purge what is blocking them from seeing, feeling, and embodying their power!

I am on ClubHouse @LuciaGabriela 💋