The Power of Surrendering to Unconditional Love

I am excited to share with you this fascinating interview as a guest speaker on the 12 Days of Juicy Love Summit with Stacey Murphy, where I talk about:

  • What’s unconditional love? How does it feel in our body?
  • What limiting beliefs are holding us back from experiencing, welcoming, and surrendering to unconditional love?
  • A simple practice to start opening our body and heart to unconditional love.
  • What’s TantriKink?
  • How can TantriKink help us to master surrendering to love?
  • Why do we sometimes struggle to surrender to love, pleasure, and abundance?
  • How can Tantric rituals help create an even more sacred and safe space to explore kink/BDSM? 
  • The power of mastering Dominant and surrendering/submissive energies.
  • How to create a TantriKink scene that helps surrender to love.
  • How can conscious kink/BDSM be healing and transformative? The core of TantriKink.

I am curious to hear what unconditional love is for you and how you surrender to love.

I am loving you, and stay tuned because the TantriKink online program launch is coming soon!

Lucia Gabriela

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