TantriKink Immersion

A dance of energy and power to explore your deepest surrendering.

~ Group Immersion Weekend ~

What are you willing to surrender to? Pleasure, pain, control, mindless state, emotionless state, ecstatic silence, or something else?

What part of you needs surrendering or craves domination?

Is there any part of you that craves to awaken its dominant self?

Are you ready to feel safe and trust the inner exploration of your Dominant/submissive Inner Archetypes?

Are you willing to reclaim all those parts of you, that have been kept quiet or dormant because of self-perceived fears and social conditioning?

Are you ready to face the shadows of your relationships, intimacy, and sexuality that may be conflicting with the relationship with self or others?


TantriKink is a conscious and playful fusion of these two worlds Tantra and Kink/BDSM, where awakening of your senses and mastery of your dominant and submissive energies takes place. An intense weekend designed to spice up and rekindle your relationship with yourself and your partner by understanding the playful energies that many times are being ignored or assumed dormant.  At the same time we will explore, shift, destroy, un-create, and purge the self limitations that are holding you back from being in the most amazing relationship you desire. This weekend we will dive deeper into the silence of the mind and into the wisdom of the body to unlock the truth of who you are and gain the strength to own it.

Learn Tantric practices to awaken your sensual and erotic energy to connect with your partner at a deeper level and learn conscious Kink/BDSM dynamics that will invite you to surrender deeper within yourself to birth your master self.

TantriKink is a conscious, somatic and energetic experience facilitated to help you surrender into your pleasure, bliss, joy, ecstasy, alchemy and evolution. It is a journey of energetic awareness, awakening, exploration, and ownership  of who you are as individual, partner, lover, alchemist and Master in the realms of love, relationships and sexuality.

This 3-day weekend is an intermediate level experience to explore and understand more deeply your love, relationships, sexuality and kink Archetypes and Shadows - understanding at a deeper level which part of you is alive and which one is dormant will allow you to be in full authenticity with who you truly are in all areas of your life, including your relationships and intimacy. During this weekend you will learn more about yourself, a lot more.  A weekend to become consciously aware of your dominant and/or submissive self and what practices or rituals to embody every day to master them. Advanced Tantric and Kink/BDSM rituals and practices are taught and facilitated at our TantiKink retreat.

Questions and Answers:


Is there any nudity or sexual activities involved in this event?

No, there is no nudity at this event. No, there are no sexual activities at any of our public events.


Is this event a Tantric event?

Yes, it is.  Tantra has been marketed and promoted heavily for the breakthroughs it creates in the intimacy and sexuality realms, and unfortunately some people have lost focus on the entire scope of what Tantra is.  With certainty we can say that by living a Tantric life you will experience an incredible intimate and sexual life founded on deep soul connection. With that being said, we can also say that a great sex life is a byproduct of living the fullness of what Tantra is about.  Our focus is to give you an experience of you meeting your fullness, and from that place you are invited to create the relationships you desire.


Is this event a Kink/BDSM dungeon play party?

No, it is not. This particular weekend is an introduction to conscious Kink/BDSM, where we cover conscious protocols, boundaries, mastery of D/s energies, conscious touch and play, basic lifestyle practices as bondage, sensory experiences, and mind surrendering.


Is this event for singles only or couples only?

This event welcomes couples only. Couples from the same sex are welcome. Friends coming as a couple are also welcome. No switching partners.


Are there any requirements to attend this weekend?

Yes, there are. You must be over 21 years old to attend this event unless Lucia Gabriela has vetted you. No alcohol, No drugs, No magical mushrooms, No Marijuana, etc.

In this event we will be practicing full body and energy awareness, we recommend to have light meals during the day to amplify your surrendering experience.


What if I have a medical condition?

At registration you will be given an intake form, so please inform us of any medical condition or allergies you may have, so we can be conscious and make sure we create a space for you to feel safe to participate.  At the same time, we invite you to have with you any medication you may need. There will be movement activities such as dancing, jumping, shaking etc. so please participate at a level you are comfortable with, making sure you are always safe.


What should I bring or wear?

Bring comfortable clothes, the room gets warm when we do movement activities and cooler when the air conditioning is running and we are doing more stationary activities. So bring an extra layer to wear if you have a tendency to feel chilly.  We offer pillows, blankets, hot tea, healthy snacks, and fresh fruit for breaks.


Does price include lodging and meals?

No, It doesn’t


Do we get lunch break and for how long?

Yes, we do.  There will be a 1-hour lunch break.  There will also be a few short breaks throughout the day.


Should I bring any Kink/BDSM toys?

Yes, since this is an intermediate level we will use basic toys such as blindfolds, bondage gear, feathers, paddles, sensual floggers, and rope. Advanced toys will be demonstrated at advanced levels by professionals in the field. Rope will be allowed only to those who have gone through recommended rope classes and trainings.  


Can I bring friends?

Yes, please invite friends - the more the merrier! Remember, everyone has to be paired up.


How often does this event happen?

It happens only once every 6-8 months, so join us this month otherwise you will have to wait over 180 days.


What if I cancel at the last minute, will I get my money refunded?

No, we don't offer refunds because we have limited seating and your space could have gone to someone else. Thanks for understanding!


Is this event available for private groups?

Yes, it is. We can facilitate this event for private groups (minimum 8 people) as long the organizer has attended any of our previous workshops or has done private work with Lucia Gabriela - email us at support@luciagabriela.com to coordinate your private event.


I have another question, how should I reach out to you?

We love questions, they help us to serve you better and create a fantastic experience. Email us at support@luciagabriela.com



Events facilitated by Lucia Gabriela are integrative, holistic, and inclusive. Lucia Gabriela and her co-facilitators strive to facilitate a sacred space for their participants founded on honor, respect, compassion, gratitude, and self-empowerment. This sacred space enables participants to explore what their soul has called them to awaken, claim and embody.

Events are a fuse of a variety therapies and practices, such as Tantra, Shamanism, Psychology, Neurobiology, BioNeuroEmotional Therapy, Coaching, Integrative Nutrition, Somatic Emotional Therapies, Integrative Body De-Armoring, Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy (IET), Qi-Gong, Therapeutic Kink, Cranial Sacral, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage, Crystal Sound Therapy, Soul Dance, Esotericism, Meditation, and Yoga.

Events are designed to address participants as a whole rather than fragments.

Events are beyond humanistic dogmas, fundamentalisms, doctrines, extremism and ego-centered philosophies.

At our events you will experience FREEDOM to awaken SELF infinite wisdom and you are invited to question it all. We welcome your authenticity.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.


Facilitators Bio

Lucia Gabriela helps individuals and couples to master their purpose, life, relationships and intimacy with themselves and others.

Her passion is to create a safe and sacred space for people to deeply explore many aspects of themselves, purge emotional and/or sexual traumas that are holding them back from manifesting what they desire, heal their inner child, embrace their shadows, connect with their higher self, reconnect with their own body's wisdom, align with their true essence, live their higher potential, and master their sexual life in all realms. They can then create their life with awareness, maturity, self responsibility, radical self-love, and full commitment to explore their sexual and spiritual evolution.

To learn  more about any of Lucia’s  transformational coaching and somatic experiences, immersion weekends and couples retreats go to www.luciagabriela.com