TantriKink- A Dance Of Sexual Energy & Power

I am excited to share with you this fascinating interview as a guest speaker on the Hearts Entwined with Lyn Smith, where I talk about:

  • Honesty and openness allow us to release any negative sexual energy built up by hiding away from the truth. This is the way to create true intimacy.
  • Connection is built upon expressing the real and present self to another. This is why we should always aim to be as fully present and open as we can be.
  • Our lives are all energetically interconnected, and all contribute to the grander vibration of life on earth. We are all responsible for our own individual energy state(s).
  • TantriKink is a fusion of Tantra and Kink BDSM practices and seeks to blend together the natural desire for adventure with the beautiful need for security in a dance of sexual energy and power.


‘it’s about creating relationships that help me evolve and grow’

‘It embraces observing yourself and what you are saying’

‘Everything that we say is important and creates a story’

‘I’m creating beautiful conscious communities’

Let me know what your best moment was and what did you learn from this episode!

I am loving you, and stay tuned because TantriKink online program launch is coming soon!

Lucia Gabriela

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