Blissful Aligment

Feeling stuck? To create what we desire in our lives, our energies must be in a blissful alignment with our higher purpose and higher self. Without being in that state of bliss, our energies get stuck, causing lack of love, health, abundance and purpose. When the energy is stuck, there is less flow of incoming and outgoing energy ~ delaying the process of co~creation and slowing any desire to be manifested. Experience feeling clarity, ease and confidence in all those areas of your life you have felt disconected from.


Integrative Body DeArmoring

An experiential somatic therapy to dearmor emotional and sexual trauma from the body. Understanding that the body is connected with all aspects of self, anything that happens to the person in their emotional life gets a memory imprint in their body, especially muscular tissue ~ we call this muscular emotional memory. The power of releasing emotional and/or sexual trauma from the body creates long lasting healing results to the point that trauma is not present in the body any longer.  The client experiences freedom in their body, mind, heart and soul.  They have space to create the life they truly desire.

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