The Art of Ecstatic Intimacy

If you are feeling in your relationship like “the sex is good, but something is missing,” It may be time to explore how to connect with your partner in ways that are profound and meaningful in all realms of existence. Reignite the passion and inner fire in your lives by creating sacred practices for deeper connection, greater communication, and conscious lovemaking.


Tantra and Kink's common denominator is ENERGY MASTERY. Experience a tantalizing life and relationship when you learn to fuse these two powerful dynamics. In Tantra, as a couple, you will explore energy in all realms including how to activate and cultivate your sexual energy. In Kink, as a couple, you will explore the power dynamics of dominant and submissive. Be ready to learn which parts of you crave to surrender to your partner and which parts of you naturally enjoy being the master.

From Triggers to Bliss

Is you relationship suffering and being affected by the intensity and potency of your personal triggers or your partner's?  Recognize your triggers, their root causes, and why these are the silent weeds suffocating your relationship and intimacy. Learn to understand your triggers with an integrative view and master them consciously. Stop the vicious and destructive cycle of your triggers dominating your life. Reclaim the peace, bliss, and love in your relationship.

Blissful Uncoupling

When it is time to end the relationship: How do you know this is the time? How do you complete the relationship in a harmonious way? How do you prepare yourself emotionally, mentally, financially and physically for this next chapter of your life? How do you cope with the pain this break-up may cause in your life? How do you come together for a peaceful and blissful uncoupling of the relationship? Uncouple together in a way that is conscious and blissful for all parties involved.