Overcoming Emotional Abuse and Deception – Given Self Permission & Body Wisdom

I am excited to share with you this fascinating interview as a guest speaker on the topic of Overcoming Emotional Abuse and Deception – Given Self Permission & Body Wisdom with Avaiya University, where I talk about:

  • Healing Childhood Abuses.
  • Exploring a better way to create a non-abusive pattern in your own life.
  • Our mindset and emotions affect our bodies and may cause illness, releasing pain helps us to physically and emotionally heal..
  • Parents often transfer their unhappiness in their own lives to their children.
  • Parents using children as weapons hurt the children with manipulation and gaslighting.

“As parents we need to create a safe place for children to experience their emotions”
‘By having a core system in place to protect children from emotional abuses”
“You can give yourself permission to protect yourself and your children from people who are emotionally abusive”
‘The ‘greatest energy vampires are ourselves, being aware of this helps us to protect others and ourselves”

Let me know what your best moment was and what did you learn from this episode! I am loving you, and stay tuned because TantriKink online program launch is coming soon!

Lucia Gabriela

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