How to Master The Art of Conscious Relating? 27+ hours of powerful free information, tools and practices for free.

What if I told you that we do have the power to create an even more conscious society; where our ways of relating are meaningful, empowering, and delicious?

In today’s world we are seeing and experiencing some contrast (things we don’t desire in our lives), which is creating a collective awakening to create what we do desire in our lives and our relationships.

The time is here for us to learn, experience, and master The Art of Conscious Relating, an art that many of us have been discovering, exploring and sharing with others. Today, I am excited to share with you that I have invited 33 experts to be a part of the Conscious Relationships, Uncoupling and Parenting Online Summit. Experts in the fields of conscious relating, uncoupling, and parenting, who share with our collective communities practical tools that will help you to create conscious relationships, starting with yourself, your spouse or partner(s), and your children.

This summit is very rich in content, with over 27 hours of powerful and applicable insights, tools, and practices to be implemented as soon as possible for you to experience great breakthroughs in your life. Click here to access the 7-day free trial and start creating conscious relationships in your life today!

Let us share more about some of the topics this summit covers:

On #consciousrelationships

1. The 7 levels of Eros: the Royal Tantra approach to love, sex and marriage with Anita Teresa.
2. From an ordinary relationship to an Extraordinary Relationship - 3 Simple Keys to Improve your Relationship with Charmaine Adam.
3. How to Get to Happily Ever After without Losing yourself in the Process with Namaste and Richard Moore.
4. 3 keys to a Vital, Loving and Sexy Relationship with Martina Hughes.
5. How to keep your love life Hot and Juicy with Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson.
6. BioHacking into our own Evolution through EROTIC IQ. The Importance of Intelligence in Conscious Relationships with Jaida Simone.
7. Up-Leveling Your Intimacy:
Navigating the Buffet of Relationship Structures Consciously and Deliciously with Freyja and Michael Inanna.
8. Conscious Clearing and Relating with Heather Rhea Dawn.
9. How To Create A Power Couple Partnership That Lasts with Antia and Brody.
10. Your Heart always knows the truth with Margaret Taylor.
11. 3 Secrets to Relating Beyond the Fairy tale is a new paradigm with Myola Woods.
12. “Broken Mirrors” An introduction to loving yourself and showing up authentically in order to experience genuine love and fulfillment with Mary Ann.
13. Embodied Relating: 4 Keys to Leading a Radically Blissful Life with Amanda Ananda.
14. Conscious Adult Entertainment with Stacie Ysidro.

On #consciousuncoupling

1. Divorce with Dignity with Christine McIver.
2. Healing Through Divorce with Michelle Alva.

On #consciousparenting

1. The Three Secrets to Consciously Conceive your Baby and Ignite your Sex Life with Helen Zee.
2. The Parenting Paradigm of the New Era With Imani Mamalution.
3. Healing the Heart Parenting ~ 7 Keys to Transforming Problems to Possibilities with Francesca Gentille.
4. 8 Tools for Healthy Conscious Parenting with Philippe and Paget.
5. Unleash your Parenting SuperPowers in a Day and Feel Great While doing It with Namaste and Richard Moore.
6. Consciously Connected Parenting Through The Power Of Yes with Leah McDemortt.
7. Less fighting More LOVING with Katrina Vaillancourt.
8. Why be furious when you can be curious! The Secret to Navigating Your Child’s Behavior By Becoming An Emotional Detective with Lísa Smith.
9. Learn to Consciously Co-parent your kids with ease and grace in 6 weeks regardless of the quality you now have with your ex partner with John Bassi.
10. Sex Positive Parenting, A Game Changer for Humanity - Raising secure children with deep self worth with Shae Elise.
11. Raising the Emotional and Sexual Wholeness of Our Teens Through Sacred Sexuality (Tantra) with Lourdes Starshower.
12. How to Talk With Your Daughter About Sex and Build Trust that Can Last a Lifetime with Erin Delaney.

How does it get better than this?

I am very proud to be a co-creator of this unique summit because each speaker presents their topic in a webinar style; keeping it simple, focused, and practical. After the presentation, We invite each speaker to dive a bit deeper with a few questions about the ideas and tools that were shared. I invite you to watch each interview until the end, because there is over $3K in free tools, complimentary discovery calls, and discounted services/products for you to continue your journey. There is a lot to benefit from if you are willing, able, and ready to receive support in this journey of mastering the Art of Conscious Relating with yourself, intimate partners, exes, and your children.

Click here to access the 7-day free trial If after 7 days you feel you would like to buy the course to review all the videos whenever you want, use this coupon code: LUCIA to receive $30 off.

Our world needs us to awaken and embody this precious art of conscious relating. Will you join us?

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Lucia Gabriela