How to attract authentic love after a toxic relationship!

I am excited to share this insightful interview, as a guest speaker on the Sex is Medicine podcast with Devi Ward where I speak on how:

Being in a toxic and abusive relationship leaves deep unhealed wounds emotionally, mentally, financially, physically and even spiritually.

Dragging toxic baggage and traumas from past relationships to new ones can only create an upgraded version of toxic relationships. 

Are you ready to break free from this toxic cycle of attracting unconscious, poisonous, and painful relationships? 

Are you ready to heal the wounds that hold you back from reclaiming your body, mind, voice, choice, and power? 

Are you ready to be free and attract that amazing person in your life?

In this call we will cover:
* How to create self-love rituals to release toxic emotional baggage that is blocking your manifestation energy.
* Why and how healing emotional and sexual trauma, before dating someone new is critical.
* How to recognize your self-value and why you must embrace it.
* What mindsets or emotions may be blocking you from attracting a love partner.
* Awaken your love archetypes (parts-of-self) to attract an incredible lover into your life.
* Boundaries and how to create clarity around them.

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