Ep 134 |Relationships| Number One Mistake I See In Relationships with Deborah Kat

How are we showing up in our relationship?
As a full cup or an empty cup?

How well do we know ourselves?

Are we creating a relationship where we feel comfortable to ask for our needs, wants, desires, and even fantasies?

Are we having high expectations for our partners to know what we need, want, and desire without knowing it ourselves?


Do we have a vision for our relationship?




Deborah Kat lives a turned-on life as a pleasure CEO. As founder of the Pleasure Playground, she works one on one with men who have lived their whole lives pleasing others and are ready to live life on their own terms.
Deborah leads monthly classes online exploring the edges of sexuality and spirit. She combines her diverse background, Tantra massage, and BDSM to support men and couples to experience satisfying relationships and masterful sex.
Deborah is a certified Tantric Educator, Bondassage Trainer, Orgasmic Meditation Coach, and currently a student at the Somatica Institute. DeborahKat.Com

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