Ep 132 |Relationships| Love Engineering: How to build amazing relationships with Alex Merritt.

In this interview with Alex Merritt, we explore:

  • Understanding the LAW OF LOVE.
  • Can we disrespect the law of love?
  • Are we in a GET to GET relationship or a GIVE and GROW relationship?
  • Why are we struggling in our relationships?
  • Two elements we MUST have to build meaningful and juicy relationships. 

Tune in!




Alex is founder of Dessert & Discussion and affectionately known as The Love Engineer. What originated out of curiosity about the success and failure of relationships has turned into a platform to strengthen gender relations. Alex applied her mechanical engineering background and technical problem-solving skills to uncover the answers. As a result, Alex has created innovative events and products, namely The War on Love® card game and Dessert & Discussion®. She specializes in helping powerhouse women and the men who love them break down barriers and build amazing relationships one discussion at a time. Site: www.dessertanddiscussion.com

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