The Embodiment of Self – A 5 to 10 minutes practice.

I am excited to share this insightful interview, as a guest speaker on the Supercharge Your Health and Sex Health podcast at Nuna Holistic Retreat Center.

In this interview, I talk about: 

  • Why couples may not be connecting at a deeper level, and how anger, resentment, and guilt block them from experiencing deep love in their lives. 
  • Why expressing our emotions in a sacred container allows us to clear our mind, heart, body, and divine potential. We create from a clear integrative self; we destroy from an overwhelm, confuse, and stuck separated self. 
  • Why connecting with our body wisdom is essential to embody our power at its fullest. 
  • A 5 – 10 minutes somatic healing practice to connect with our body, release stuck emotions and belief systems that make us feel powerless.

Lucia Gabriela

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