Cool things you didn’t know about me, my journey to conscious relationships and sexuality, plus insights on addiction.

I am excited to share this fascinating interview as a guest speaker on the Beautifully Human podcast with Nik Sheasby, where I speak on:

  • Growing up in Ecuador.
  • How native cultural exposure, immersion, and appreciation were fundamental to my education and growth.
  • What immigrating to another country and not speaking the language was like.
  • How being broke didn’t stop me from leaving a toxic marriage and creating a safer environment for my child. 
  • Struggles as a single mom.
  • How porn can be an educational tool, it was for me!
  • How to address addiction to porn, alcohol, foods, etc. 

Now, share with me where did you grew up and if you have a precious memory to share.

Loving you!

Lucia Gabriela

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