Integrative Body Dearmoring.

Integrative Body Dearmoring is an experiential emotional somatic massage therapy to dearmor emotional and sexual trauma from the body.

Understanding that the body is connected with all aspects of self, anything that happens to the person in their emotional life gets a memory imprint in their body, especially muscular tissue ~ we call this muscular emotional memory.

Science shows that our DNA carries memory from our ancestors, including trauma. Imagine all the toxic patterns and cycles of trauma passed on from generation to generation that have not been properly addressed, healed, and released. Now the individual is unconsciously dealing with such traumas.

The power of releasing emotional and/or sexual trauma from the body creates long lasting healing results to the point that trauma is not present in the body any longer.  The client experiences freedom in their body, mind, heart and soul.  They have space to create the life they truly desire.

Integrative Body Dearmoring is a combination of powerful western and eastern body and energetic therapies such as Tantric Body Dearmoring, Shiatsu, Accupunture, Integrative Structural Bodywork, Cranio-Sacral, Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy, Breath and Sound Work, Yoga, Movement, Dance, and Body Awareness.

The intention of Integrative Body Dearmoring is to help clients to free themselves from emotional traumas that are holding them back from:

  • Feeling free in their own bodies.
  • Expressing their emotions with ease and confidence.
  • Connecting deeply with themselves, their partners, children, friends, animals, nature, and society in general.
  • Feeling "good enough" to be loved and receive love.
  • Experiencing great and meaningful sex.
  • Expressing their authentic voice and desires.
  • Experiencing success in their life, relationships, career, business, health, and wealth.
  • Taking action in their dreams, desires, and life purpose.
  • Freedom to be their unique, authentic, and magnificent self.
  • Moving forward with their life.

What to expect in a session?

Depending on the location of sessions, the ambience will differ, but the experience will be as perfect it needs to be.  House calls are available to have the session in your own home.

The session will be performed on a comfortable floor mat with clean sheets and cushions to support the body through its healing experience.

The ambiance is safe and sacred, with subtle lighting, candle light, fresh aromas, and a beautiful altar, blessed with palo santo and delightful music.

Clients have the option to be nude or semi nude, depending on their comfort level. If seminude is the choice, clients are requested to wear soft and comfortable panties and a tank-top (ladies ~ no bra). Practitioner is fully dressed throughout the whole session.

Integrative Body Dearmoring is an external body experience, even though internal de-armoring can be done ~ my focus is external body de-armoring where Yoni (vagina), Lingam (penis), and anal dearmoring are not performed.

Before the session starts, it is recommended to not eat anything for at least 2 hours, and to drink lots of water to ease the integrative detox process which occurs naturally at each session.

Each session starts with a brief conversation to review safety guidelines and instructions for clients and practitioner ~ we want to create a safe space for you to dive deep into your body, release old and toxic emotional patterns, be fully present with yourself, and welcome new breakthroughs.

After brief conversation, we will continue with setting the intention for the session and you will be guided through a short grounding meditation. Once you are relaxed and present in your body, I will start massaging your body gently and softly ~ helping the body to feel safe. This allows the body to open up its energetic channels inviting even more energy to flow freely, especially where it needs the most to activate the purging process of the emotional and/or sexual trauma release.

After the massage, I will start pressing strategic points in different parts of your body. Each session will focus on a few body areas; the more sessions, the more areas and strategic points we will cover.
Besides following strategic points, I work intuitively, and follow your body's priorities to release specific traumas, memories, emotions, mindsets, and/or karmas.

During the session you will be guided to move and breath in certain ways to help your body release toxic emotions and traumas even more. Be aware that screaming, yelling, and even cursing can be part of the process; a natural practice to help connect with the body deeply and release intense emotions and traumas.

Once the dearmoring part has come to completion, another gentle and soothing massage will bring nurturing and gratitude energy into your body.

To end the sessions you will be wrapped and snuggled into warm blankets for a quick grounding, heartfelt and conscious integration nap (15 minutes).

Once you are up, you will be offered fresh fruit and a hot drink. Welcoming you into a new you.

These sessions are sacred, with heartfelt intentions to help you release and heal old patterns, traumas, and conditions that are not allowing your true essence to shine and come to play in this beautiful world of amazing possibilities.

I am so excited to create this experience for you and cannot wait to meet you and hold space for you--your true you!

** In-person appointments in Sarasota, Florida area, and available to travel between Tampa and Naples for an extra charge.  MA 78200  MM 36928

**Available only as part of The Alchemical Journeys