Lucia Gabriela helps individuals and couples to master their life, relationships, and intimacy with themselves and others. 

As a Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Lucia Gabriela creates a sacred and safe space for individuals and couples to build conscious relationships and meaningful intimacy in their life.

As an Emotional Somatic Therapist and Tantra Facilitator, Lucia Gabriela specializes and works with individuals whose journey is to liberate themselves from emotional and sexual traumas. She helps them reclaim their creative power, body, voice, sensuality, and sexuality and welcome pleasure into their lives, creations, and relationships.

Areas of Expertise:

Lucia Gabriela supports her clients with:

  • gaining clarity, confidence, and inner wisdom
  • resetting their mindsets on relationships, intimacy, sexuality, and abundance
  • purging emotional or sexual traumas that are holding them back from manifesting what they desire
  • exploring deeply many aspects of themselves #archetypework
  • healing their wounded #innerchild
  • embracing and integrating their shadows #shadowwork
  • liberating their voice, body, and power
  • reconnecting with their own body's wisdom
  • embodying their sensuality
  • awakening their kundalini power
  • mastering their sensual and sexual energies
  • welcoming love and abundance
  • owning their boundaries
  • communicating their needs, desires, and fantasies consciously to their partners
  • exploring conscious kink/BDSM

Lucia Gabriela is an explorer, philosopher, writer, author, speaker, artist, student, teacher, mentor, coach, facilitator, energy master, ordained minister, intuitive and alchemist in the areas of love, sensuality, sexuality, relationships, and living your life purpose. Her passion to grow and evolve as a woman has led her to study a diversity of integrative holistic approaches for healing mind, body, heart and soul, such as integrative nutritional coaching, reiki (master), integrative energy therapy, integrative somatic healing, chi gong, massage therapy (shiatsu, craniosacral, lymphatic, accupunture, hydrotherapy, structural integration, masiafacia release and others) emotional body dearmoring, Access BARS, therapeutic kink, neurolinguisitc programming (NLP), core energetics, NVC, tantra, sacred sexuality, gnosis, women's mysteries, womb blessinsg, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, sound healing, law of attraction, mindset mastery, and emotional mastery. She practices yoga, meditation, body awakening, dance, painting, shamanism, orgasmic breath, and self mastery.  

Lucia Gabriela has studied and trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Florida College of Natural Health, and currently continuing her education with a psychology major at SCF/USF. She has attended close to one hundred courses, seminars, and immersion events/retreats of personal growth and transformation, such as Social Psychology at Wesleyan University, Mastery University and Business Mastery with Tony Robbins, The Integrative Somatic Institute with Francesca Gentille and Luminessa Enjara, Shamanic Priestess Process with Anyaa McAndrew and EveLynn Maurine, Ordained Minister with the Madonna Ministry, Ecstatic Dakini Certification Training with Lourdes Starshower and Cathleen Cienfuegos,, The Transformational Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators (Sex Educators and Tantric Practitioners) with Monique Darling, Peter Petersen, Shawn Roop, Reid Mihalko, Pamela Madsen, Lawrence Lanoff, Destin Gerek and Eugene Hedlund, Womb Blessings with Miranda Grey, Therapeutic Kink with Francesca Gentille, Tantric Body DeArmoring with Andrew Barnes, Non-violence Communication (NVC) Intensive One Year Training with Nati Beltran.   She has collaborated, trained with, and interviewed dozens of leaders in the field of conscious relationships, sacred sexuality, tantra, therapeutic kink and sexual healing in her YouTube Channel like Bryan Revees, Alia, Dr. Heike and Jonathan Hudson, Robert Kandell, Elizabeth DiAlto, Dr. LeslieBeth Wish within others. 

Her Story.

Lucia Gabriela was born and raised in Ecuador.  Her awakened journey started at the very young age of 5, when she asked herself these questions:

"What's my purpose in life?",
"Why am I here?", and  
"What am I here to do?"

Why would she ask such profound questions at a young age?

Her questions were triggered by her own experience of seeing so much pain and suffering in her life.

As a girl she experienced seeing her mother being emotionally, physically, and sexually abused (marital unconsented sex) by her father. Her father was a very successful business man who had also suffered emotional and physical traumas at a young age.  He grew up to meet the expectations of his family as the "oldest son in the house," taking responsibility for the family's farm lands and the "peones" who worked on the land.

Both her parents had inherited cycles of abuse from their families at a young age, without anyone helping them to heal from such traumas. Under these imprints, they created and lived their lives as if all of it was normal to experience.

Lucia Gabriela's own life exploration journey started at a young age. Observing different relationship dynamics, she knew they were not in alignment with her own happiness and unknown purpose at the time.  The lack of understanding and guidance she felt led her into a rabbit hole of losing interest in life, purpose, and passion. She became a suicidal child for almost a decade.

At the age of 15, her "second awakening," as she calls it, happened when she developed a silent cancerous tumor in her appendix which was discovered during an emergency surgery for an inflamated appendix to prevent peritonitis.  This discovery shocked her family because she was raised with a holistic medicine lifestyle where foods were fresh, natural, and mostly organic.  She was also raised experiencing lots of nature, as she traveled all over their beautiful country (Ecuador) with her mom and sister.

While Lucia Gabriela experienced the first strong pain of her appendix inflammation in bed around 3am, she heard an inner voice saying "You asked to die, taste what it is like" ~ she knew deep in her heart and soul that all those years she has asked God to kill her and hundreds of intents to cut her veins had created her illness.
She understood her illness was caused by her own toxic emotions toward herself and her life ~ now science has proven that our emotions affect our body and can either create illness or heal it. Watch "The hidden messages of water" by Dr. Emoto for more on this principle.

After surgery and dozens of second opinions about what could be done next, she took responsibility for her own life and chose to love herself, her body, her wholeness, and to be the creator of her own life. She refused to have a second surgery to remove half of her intestines, gallbladder, one kidney, and part of her liver, to prevent any further spread of cancer - what western traditional doctors recommended at the time, fearing the cancer had spread throughout her body.

She instead chose to treat her body with holistic homeopathic medicine, radical self love, clean diet, meditation, exploration of her soul, and enjoying life with gratitude. Lucia Gabriela did heal her own body this way and has been cancer free for the past 21 years.  She has gone only once to the  hospital, when her daughter was born.

Her mastery journey had something else awaiting for her when she moved to the USA at the age of 19. She fell in love with her first husband, and even though she promised herself to never be in an abusive relationship, she ended up in one for over 10 years. As a woman, she never had a female role model who lived an empowered life in her relationships, sexuality, and business. So, she didn't know where to start to create one.

Living in a country with a different culture, different language, and no community to reach out to for support, her first relationship years were her life test to learn more about herself, boundaries, destroying toxic family patterns, and listening to her inner guidance.

During her relationship with her ex-husband and father of her child, she discovered that by not fulfilling her own emotional needs, pleasure, and passions ~ many aspects of herself got lost, including her sensuality and sexuality.

It would be easy for her to blame her ex-husband for the abuse and toxicity in the relationship, but she will be very forthright to tell you, as a responsible and evolved woman, that she created her own experience and also became an abuser to herself and her partner.

She came to realize that she had allowed this toxic pattern of abuse to rule her life. This was her "third awakening" as she calls it. At this time she saw her 3 year-old daughter observing what she personally experienced as a child. After trying counseling, energy work, and other efforts ~ she knew her marriage needed to end, so it did.

Through this personal experience, she learned so much about herself and what could be possible in her life. Her journey has been fascinating, challenging, delicious, painful, and fulfilling. Learning about herself, her shadows, her fears, her gifts, and her passion to help women free themselves from emotional and sexual trauma ~ each day of her life is a bundle of blessings.

Her experiences, self awakenings, and devotion to explore life, love, sensuality, sexuality and relationships, with all the studies, seminars, immersions, retreats, and programs she has been part of ~ make her a walking and living embodiment of "living an orgasmic life beyond physical realms."

If you feel the desire to let go of any emotional and/or sexual trauma that is holding you back from creating the life you desire, remember you have a devoted mentor and coach, Lucia Gabriela, here to help you experience the breakthroughs you are ready for.

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