Awakening The Wiser Self – An Inner Archetype Journey.

I am excited to share with you this fascinating interview as a guest speaker at Trusting After Trauma Summit: Transitioning to Transformation After Narcissistic Abuse, my favorite topic Awakening The Wiser Self – An Inner Archetype Journey.

In this conversation we explore:

  • Narcissistic Parents can inflict quite a bit of psychological damage on their children; the
    experience of childhood trauma of this nature can significantly impact the psyche of the
    adult children of narcissists.
  • Having experienced a constant barrage of criticism and judgment, it may be a struggle to
    form intimate relationships and to believe in one’s intrinsic value.
  • There is potential for immense healing and growth when one finally speaks out against
    the things holding them back from making a positive impact on their lives, especially if
    they are victims of abuse or sexual violence.
  • TantriKink is a journey of active awareness, awakening, exploration, and ownership of
    who you are as an individual, and mastery can awaken the fire of passion in your life.
  • What do you desire to have, to touch, to love, and what do you permit yourself to? We
    can say, ‘Who we are, what I am here for’ in tantric language. What are our values, where
    we stand, what is important to us, and our standards?
  • Heal any wounded area of your life where the lack of boundaries created pain and

Let me know what did you learn from this interview.

Loving you,

Lucia Gabriela

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