Imagine an extra $5K+ income in 2017 ~ I want to give you money! Do you want it?

What would you do with an extra $5K a year? Or even more... How about $20K?

Imagine what can you buy with an extra 1K, 3K, 5K or even 20K ~ going on an exciting trip?

Hell yeah!

We are recruiting powerful, inspiring, motivated, creative achievers to join us on a venture to impact as many people as we can (my goal is 1.5Billion in the next 10 years) and make awesome money while we are at it.

You see, I love to pay very well every single ambassador of our work ~ you refer our work to all those who need it and will benefit from it and you earn a referral award.

So here is how you will get paid once you apply to become an Orgasmic Ambassador:

On coaching programs (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond), retreats (groups, VIP weekend or VIP Day), plus local and/or international seminars and events:

For every $100 Sales, you get paid $10


On online programs and products:

For every $100 in sales, you get paid $50.

YES, we are paying 50% commission on online programs and products.

This is a great opportunity to make extra income to pay your bills, credit cards, and even enjoy some delicious traveling.

How does it get more juicer than that?

We are also creating reward programs for our top ambassadors who will win cool goodies and even a trip to Ecuador to one of our retreats to hang out with us in this beautiful land ~ my home country.

I hope you are excited to hear about this! Please reply to to get in touch with me and become part of our great Ambassador family.

Love You,

Lucia Gabriela