Blissful Alignment

We are beyond physical bodies, we are energy manifested in all shape and forms.

Since we are expansive energies of creation and evolution, we are powerful energetic beings, and co-creators of our realities.

To create what we desire in our lives, our energies must be in a blissful alignment with our higher purpose and higher self. Without being in that state of bliss, our energies get stuck, causing lack of love, health, abundance and purpose.

When the energy is stuck, there is less flow of incoming and outgoing energy ~ delaying the process of co~creation and slowing any desire to be manifested.

The two main causes of energetic blockage are trauma: emotional, physical, mental and/or sexual trauma; and mindsets, social conditions, limiting beliefs and limiting programming.

Clearing the energy that is stuck requires us to address the core of what is creating the blockage, work with the trauma and mindsets through addressing and expressing them, then we work on clearing the story and shifting the consciousness around it.

The integrative energetic clearing and alignment process addresses mind, body, heart and beyond, to help clear up energy blockages and get life force energy flowing with ease.

These sessions are a gentle and subtle process for those who would like to clear their stuck energies and align with their true essence. This session is a combination of coaching and integrative energy healing.

Benefits of this experience:
- Clarity with who you are.
- Alignment with your manifestations.
- Stop chasing toxic paths that are confusing to your existence on Earth.
- Clear space in your heart and energetic field to create and attract what you desire.
- Freedom in your body, heart, mind and soul.
- Feelings of peace, gratitude and empowerment.
- Feel energized with infinite flow of energy available to you.
- Creating a new chapter in your life.
- Feeling empowered to follow you passions with ease.
- Feeling Inspire to take action to live the life you desire.
- Focus to follow through with your desires.

Experience Packages & Prices

* In-person appointments in Sarasota, Florida area, and available to travel between Tampa and Naples for an extra charge.