Therapeutic Kink ~ a new offering.

“The antidote to trauma is to return the power to the individual”  -Francesca Gentille

I just came back from an intensive training on Tantric Therapeutic Kink which is a fusion of Tantra, Taoism, Shamanism, psychology, neurology, clinical sexology, anti-aging medicine, and trauma recovery. This unique training has been developed & coalesced from over 30 years of study & practical experience by Francesca Gentille.

From all of the trainings, studies, immersions and intensives I have done regarding "recovery from trauma", this one exceeded my expectations because we went deep into the subconscious aspects of trauma and the many aspects of self. It was so fascinating to see and experience my inner self, exploring and healing deeper wounds from my life and all those traumatic abusive experiences I barely talk about in my writings and only at a few in-depth transformational gatherings.

I came back with a lot more tools in the realms of somatic therapeutic work, relationships, communication, boundaries/consent, and conscious rewriting of our new life.  I intend to use these tools to help those who are struggling with wounds from past traumas, such as emotional/sexual, physical, limiting beliefs, spiritual, and even transgenerational traumas/karma, etc.
I am so happy and excited for those who will have the opportunity to work with me through this process. Depending on the type of trauma, clients may experience hands-on somatic work. With that being said, these types of sessions are only available at our custom one-on-one transformational retreats and programs.  They won't be available as a one-time session, because the depth and integrative preparation involved means the client must be committed, willing and able to say YES to their own alchemical process.

All of our somatic and hands-on sessions ARE NOT sexual experiences; we don't touch genitals, anus, or nipples; and the therapist is always fully clothed. Our core belief, philosophy, and inner wisdom is aligned with the knowing that sexual healing never starts at the genitals; it starts at the core of the trauma which may be limiting beliefs, emotional, spiritual, energetic, transgenerational blockages, and  loss of power. CLICK HERE to learn more about our sexual healing approach.

I am so excited to have this new offering, If you have any questions and/or would like to explore how we can help you, book here a complimentary call with us.