The Art of Ecstatic Intimacy

~ Private Immersion Day ~

Practices for deeper connection, greater communication, and conscious lovemaking.

“Sex is good, but something is missing”
“We don’t feel a connection”
“We desire more... more meaningful intimacy, more passion in our lives”
“We desire to feel and experience each other in all realms”
“On the surface we are good, but deep in our hearts and bodies we are hollow, like something is missing”
“Something is not clicking, passion is not there, and we don’t know how to start the fire again”


Do you relate to any of these feelings?

You are not alone. More and more couples come to a realization that sex and the many variations of it is not enough to keep a relationship alive, full of desire and passion.

This private immersion day is designed to provide you with simple and conscious hands-on practices to turn On and Up the desire, passion, intimacy and create fulfilling and deeper connection with your partner.


In this private immersion day you will experience and learn:

-How to create sacred and safe space for you and your partner.
-How to connect on multidimensional levels beyond body, mind, heart and memories.
-How to purge limiting beliefs, memories and pain that may be holding you back from loving and being loved as you are meant to experience love, intimacy, and sex.
-How to surrender to trust, acceptance, and love.
-How to reclaim your authentic self to create the relationships you desire and are eager to experience.
-How to communicate your desires, dreams, and fears with your partner while feeling honored, appreciated, and understood.
-How to actively listen to your partner’s desires, dreams, and fears while honoring your own truth, feelings, desires, dreams, and fears.
-How to create your own rituals to invite connection, communication, understanding, acceptance, intimacy, pleasure, bliss, eroticism, and sexual fulfillment.
-How to create a White Rose Tantric Somatic Ritual with your partner.
-Learning the true power of energy exchange: how to be a gracious Giver, and how to be a grateful Receiver.
-How to integrate all you have learned in this immersion day and put it into simple daily practices to strengthen your relationship. And a lot more catering to your relationship needs. 

This immersion is focused on helping you to connect deeply, heal whatever is in the way of such connection, and to co-create a fulfilling relationship that is fun, joyful, delicious and beyond ecstatic.


Your private immersion day may include:

- Coaching

- Integrative Somatic Therapies

- Tantric Practices, Rituals and Ceremonies

- Shamanic Practices and Rituals

- Energetic Alignments, Crystal Sound Healing, Aromatherapy

-A vegetarian lunch, organic cold-pressed juice, healthy snacks and a gift bag filled with tantric goodies.


An experiential immersion for couples. Same sex couples are welcome. No nudity or sexual activity is involved in this private immersion.


My coach (Lucia Gabriela) was able to help me work toward my goals of being a better communicator by holding space and creating a safe container by listening and mediating within the relationship.

Tara ( Private Couple's Weekend)

I wish you could know how many times since the workshop we have reaped the benefits of what you teach!! We will work to be your best advocates! We look forward to our next opportunity to meet with you, to develop & grow in a more positive energy and with a better understanding of how powerful ‘Tantric Awareness’ can take you if you’re open & ready. Once again thank you! We’re really looking forward to connecting again!

Alexis (Tantric Couple's Event)


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