Helping individuals and couples to master their love life, intimacy, relationships, sensuality, sexuality, passion, and purpose.

Results you may experience by working with Lucia Gabriela:

-  Clarity about who you are and what you want in your life, relationships, career and soul's purpose.
- Alignment with your true essence ~ allowing the real you to come out and play.
- Even more success in business and career because intimate relationships are being mastered with ease, excitement, passion, grace and bliss.
- Clarity about who you want to be a part of your life and their influence in it.
- Success with intimate relationships ~ attracting a partner who aligns with your essence and spiritual evolution; or reigniting the passion and ecstasy in a current relationship.
- Being an amazing lover to yourself and your beloved by showering him/her with your full presence, essence, sensuality, arousal, playfulness and charm.
- Gaining confidence, certainty, self steem, passion, security, and freedom in your own skin.
- Understanding and becoming aware of your masculine and feminine energy and learning how to embody them to further your sexual evolution and mastery.
- Deeper connection with your body, intuition, and inner wisdom, allowing you to listen deeply to your soul calling.
- Follow your passion and create a life based on what you love to do.
- Freedom from toxic cycles of emotional abuse and traumas from parents, past intimate partners, family and friends that are holding you back from being your true essence.
- Peace in your life by mastering your mindsets, meanings, and reactions to what happens to you.
- Emotional mastery, allowing you to create the life, relationships, business, and social impact you desire, founded on powerful, empowered, conscious and soul-centered  emotions.
- Learn tools and skills in how to communicate, connect and relate with people with ease.
- Alignment with your mind, body, heart and soul.
- Health and vitality by making time for self-care, pleasure, and indulgence in what makes life delicious.
- Awakening of your sensuality, arousal, and pleasure ~ feeling more alive than ever.
- Sexual mastery with self and with your intimate partner.
- Freedom from sexual traumas which may be holding you back from experiencing the sexual fulfillment you desire.
- Sexual healing, or healing of sexual dysfunction.
- How to express your desires with your partner and the world.

*Appointment In-Person or Video Call on Skype.

Investment: $300/ 90 min.

Email at or call 516-287-0242 to book an appointment.