The Creative Sensual Woman Retreat.

An awakening experience to align with your true sensual essence.

How would you feel being your authentic, confident, and sensual self, everywhere and all the time?

How would your life be if you showed up everyday feeling fully alive, grounded, and aligned with your higher purpose?

What would you create in your life if you were fully open to receive love, abundance, and wisdom?

What would it mean to you to feel safe and honored in your own body, allowing you to freely express your movement, dances and creativity?

How would your relationships be if you have learned to master your emotions and mindsets by transcending toxic ones?

What would your legacy be if you have invested in your self-love practice, growth, transformation, mastery, and evolution?

What would it mean to you to be able to dance or walk through life, like you were absolutely meant to be here?

What is possible in your life when you reclaim your power and remember how to consciously use it?

What's holding you back from being your true sensual essence, attracting true love, and manifesting abundance while you are doing what you love to do?

Get ready to awaken your Creative Sensual Woman to create the life you desire. You are cordially invited to be part of a powerful transformational women's retreat in Sarasota, Florida USA.

We are living in times where more than ever, we have been asked to awaken, remember, and fully embrace our creative sensual presence in our lives, our communities, and our planet.

We have been seeing and experiencing how the shadow of the feminine (and the masculine) has created turmoil and conflicts in many areas of our lives, separating us from  our wholeness  ~ this feminine shadow has also been responsible for how we have used sensuality and sexuality to do harm, take advantage of others, and even destroy lives.

Living in the shadow aspect of the feminine has led us to experience a lack of trust and safety within our body, lose our authentic voice, be in toxic relationships, be the victims of our creations, forget our creative power to attract an amazing lover into our lives, and lack the abundance and wealth we are capable of receiving and experiencing.

Evolution is a fascinating path of our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical mastery. A journey for those who are awakening to their power.

Sensuality's truest power, which is to be medicine for our soul, has been forgotten. Now it's our time to reawaken, reclaim, and remember our truest nature.

How does a Creative Sensual Woman feel, act, think, do, have, and manifest?

* She is fully present in her body, grounded, and aligned with her authentic essence.
* She embodies her sensuality and applies this sacred medicine consciously in all areas of her life.
* She shows up in the world fully alive, vibrant, and confident.
* She radiates Divine Consciousness.
* She is free to be herself, creating what her heart desires.
* She creates amazing relationships in her life and welcomes those who are in alignment with her essence, growth, awakening, and evolution.
* She moves, dances, and expresses herself with elegant seductiveness.
* She feels safe in her own body and connected to all aspects of self.
* She has fun with everything she does and creates.
* She gratefully treats her body as her temple of manifestation, with a daily practice of self love.
* She is focused on what she creates instead of what she destroys.
* She filters her thoughts, responses and interactions, and uncreates anything that distracts her from her mastery process.
* She speaks the language of creation which is in alignment with her multidimensional cosmic heart.
* She eats foods that nourish her body, mind, heart, and purpose ~ consciously avoiding foods that interrupt her alignment with her higher self, her Goddess self.
* She practices self-love rituals every day to nurture, nourish, and adore her body, mind, heart and soul.
* She allows herself to feel her emotions and masters her responses, interactions and reactions.
* She lives in harmony and balance between her creative and resting times.
* She allows herself to ask for help and receives it with grace.
* She gives herself full permission to explore and experience pleasure, arousal, and eroticism in her personal and intimate life.
* She observes her mind and utilizes its power to be of service to her heart and evolutionary path.
* She has clear and strong boundaries, which are respected with ease and joy.
* She is strong, unshakeable, and unapologetic for own her natural gifts.  Confidence is her daily practice.
* She is a master of the healing arts.
* She loves unconditionally, without attachments and conditions.
* She masters her canvas of creation ~ uncreating, destroying, deleting and letting go of what does not serve her and her Goddess Self.
* She listens with compassion and non-judgement.
* She welcomes other sisters into her life for co-creations and collaborations.
* She honors everyone's paths, journeys, and breakthroughs with consciousness.
* She embodies sacredness.
* She explores life, relationships, and sexuality with joy, ecstasy, euphoria, and bliss.
* She honors, adores and aligns with all aspects of her, creating a harmonious and conscious equal partnership of sacred union.
* She is consciously and fully sexually free and empowered.
* She is within you, awaiting to be awakened, reclaimed, and embodied.

Who this retreat is for:

This event is created for every woman who invest her time, energy, and resources to AWAKEN and ALIGN with her Creative Sensual Self.

Activities planned during the retreat:

We will explore many layers of what is holding us back from being fully awakened and aligned with our Creative Sensual Self as women.  We will start purging, uncreating, and destroying belief systems, toxic emotional patterns and energetic cords around sensuality, sexuality and relationships.

This short immersion process is intentionally designed to help you gain clarity, insights, tools and strategies to break free from the unconscious dormant times you have been in and awaken to your fullest delicious potential.

We start our journey with a fun gathering to get to know each other during our Sacred White Rose opening circle. Then we will explore specific topics, circle activities and authentic sharing. Outdoor activities will vary according to the size of the group, energy, and any medical conditions of participants.

Some of the outdoor activities planned are:

* Walking 3 miles at the Oscar Scherer State Park and/or Siesta Key Beach/Nokomis Beach.
* Yoga
* Swimming at the beach.
* Silent Nature Meditation.

What to bring:

* Comfortable clothes for full body expressions such as dance, walking, yoga, stretching, and art creations.
* Shorts and sport bra to practice and experience Integrative Body Dearmoring.
* Bathing suit, natural sunblock, and beach towels for a beach walk.
* Pictures of what you desire in your life, words you love and resonate with to live by, magazines, art stickers, fun and creative additions for your Creative Sensual Feminine Vision Board.
* A sensual outfit for an evening of sensuality, joy, celebration, and proclamation.
* Your favorite sensual erotic song to dance to.


I DESIRE to Embody my Creative Sensual SELF and Live in my Purpose!

Sunday, April 22nd 2018 through Friday, April 27th 2018.

Sarasota - Florida.

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Investment $1,500

Intimate Retreat of 6-8 women.

What includes:

6 day event,

6 vegetarian lunch meals, healthy snacks, and filtered water,

1 Goddess Gift basket filled with love and tools to continue your feminine awakening.

3 coaching sessions at 50% off regular price if you sign up within 30 days after the retreat.

*Does not include lodging and other meals not mentioned above.

*Payment plan available with a $300 deposit.

*Assistant ~ partial scholarships available ~ Apply at

*Investments to yourself are not refundable.

Give Yourself the Gift of Transformation and Show Up More Powerfully in Your Life!