Love Alchemy Retreat.

May 3rd - 10th 2018


The Love Alchemy Retreat is an exclusive live experience designed for you to reawaken to your power, reignite your passion, and embody your bliss. You will be on a guided journey of transformation, alchemy, and evolution. In this alchemical journey you will:

  • Learn and apply tools, strategies, and systems to create the foundation for the blueprint of your desired life: your love life, your relationship with yourself and others, even your relationship with money, and more.
  • Rediscover and embody the true essence of who you are.
  • Reclaim your power and embrace what you are capable of.
  • Allow and give yourself permission to be fully present and authentic with yourself.
  • Open doors to new manifestations of your desires.
  • Feel empowered to create a new story for your life.
  • Establish standards, values, and boundaries to support your new life story.
  • Practice Self Love Rituals.
  • Heal deep emotional wounds and stressors.
  • Rewire a new mindset of creativity.
  • Let go of limiting belief systems, social conditions and self destructive patterns.
  • Connect deeply with your body and its infinite wisdom.
  • Dance with your soul toward your passions, desires, and life purpose.
  • Feel alive, refreshed, renewed, and aligned with your true essence.
  • Redefine and speak the language of love.
  • Experience the meaning of “Living an Orgasmic Life”.

Cascada Azul ~ A hiking and swimming experience awaiting for you!

An intimate group…
The energy and alchemy created in this retreat will be beyond description, as all the participants join together with our collective energy, intention, and abilities. The energy experienced will be beyond orgasmic!* This signature experience can only be experienced live, because the energy and the power that is going to come through you, is experienced live in person and with the group energy created. This unique experience is reserved for only 15 participants. It is going to be intimate, fun, fantastic, joyful, incredible, and exciting.

*Orgasmic means being expansive, creative, and aligned with source energy ~ A non sexual retreat.

How Love Alchemy will activate transformation in you…
A journey through the elements...


We will co-create fire rituals for releasing energy that no longer serves us. This will be an alchemical space and time in which the element of fire will burn away old belief systems, stuck emotions, and past traumas--from this life, and from your ancestral lineage that you came into this life carrying. We will explore deeply on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, in order to incinerate, uncreate, destroy, and transmute these past belief systems and undesired emotions.

We will meet the Tsachila Shamanic Community who will guide us through a cleansing and purging ceremony in a river. We will also get to experience a hiking trip to a breathtaking waterfall where we will participate in another purification bathing ceremony. Through the element of water we will release and cleanse deep emotional blockages from childhood and past relationships.

We will learn and practice Integrative Body De-Armouring, which integrates principles of tantric body de-armouring, integrative energy therapy (IET), qigong massage, reiki, shiatsu, acupressure, craniosacral, access BARS and other therapies. We will practice yoga and dance in the mornings. These practices will keep us grounded and connected with the element of earth.

We will learn and practice tantric breath and sound techniques to enhance many of the other activities and practices. Our breath and our voice connect us with the element of air, activating kundalini energy for deeper healing and alchemy.

We will clear energetic space in mind, body, heart, and soul. After this journey, you will see yourself in a new light as an amazing, powerful being. You will gain the tools to be able to live your life as you want it. You are going to rediscover or find more of your passion; rediscover or find more of your purpose; rediscover and reclaim who you are. You will even learn to breathe differently, move differently, and live differently, because you will not be the “same you” -- you will be a “new you!” -- more aligned with the true essence of you, the “orgasmic you”!

A journey through the worlds of...

~Shadow Work~
We will enter the world of our own shadows. The shadow is an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself.
By working with our shadows, we will unmask what is hidden within ourself, shining light on what needs to come to the surface to heal, and freeing us from the inner separation with our creative power.

~Inner Child Work~
From the age of conception up to 7 years old, everything that happened to you as a child could affect you for the rest of your life if you don't heal the inner child in time.
Inner Child Work will take you into areas of your childhood that left you with a stressful emotional imprint, created dysfunctional core values in your life, or disempowered you from being your authentic self. With a safe space and support, these imprints and dysfunctions of the wounded inner child can be healed, restoring your inner child to natural states of joy and bliss.

~Multidimensional Kundalini Alchemy~
We will work with our kundalini energy, activating each chakra and releasing any mental, emotional, and physical body blockages at a multidimensional level. This will release energies from past lives, ancestors, relationship webs, multidimensional contracts/promises/commitments and so much more.

Who is the Love Alchemy Retreat for?
This journey is not for everyone. It is for you who are eager and excited to invest in yourself and commit yourself to this experience of growth and transformation. It is for you who are resolved to create worthwhile and lasting changes and to attract more of what you truly desire in life. If you are ready to bring yourself more into your true essence, and experience your highest potential in life, the Love Alchemy Retreat is for you. It has been created for you who are saying “Yes!” to yourself!

The Love Alchemy retreat will be held in a stunningly beautiful setting--the lush mountainsides of Ecuador, a magical and unique part of the world. Within the gorgeous landscapes of Ecuador, we will create sacred space and time for breakthroughs, transformation, and healing.

The retreat group will be together for 8 nights/9 days.

Day 1:
Arrive at Mariscal Sucre Airport, Tababela ~ Ecuador.
Lodging in Quito.
Welcoming Dinner
Quito Night Tour.

Day 2:
Tour to La Mitad del Mundo
Lodging at the Hosteria
Visit to Ancient Inca Ruins
Alchemical Bonfire

Day 3:
Love Yoga and Meditation
Love Alchemy Workshop Part 1
Love Alchemy Workshop Part 1.2
Alchemical Bonfire

Day 4:
Love Alchemy Workshop Part 2
Visit to Tsachila Shamanic Community
Lunch at the shamanic community
Water Cleanse Ritual and Shamanic “Limpia”
Alchemical Bonfire.

Day 5:
Visit to the Butterfly Sanctuary
Love Alchemy Workshop Part 3
Relaxation ~ Integration

Day 6:
Body Movement and Meditation

Love Alchemy Workshop Part 4

Visit to the “Cascada Azul”

Day 7:
Love Alchemy Workshop Part 5.1
Love Alchemy Workshop Part 5.2
Alchemical Bonfire

Day 8:
Return to Quito ~ Lodging.
Visit to the Cathedral and Compania
Exploration and Shopping time.
Creators’ Dinner

Day 9:
Return to the airport.

There is also time scheduled for relaxation, integration, and free time to explore. You can choose to have a massage, go on hikes, meditate, or fill your times of integration however you choose.

What is included…

  • 8 nights lodging ~ double/multiple occupancy based on hotel and cabins. Upgrades to private rooms available.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, unlimited water, fresh local fruit, and snacks are all included with the retreat. Our delicious, healthy, vegetarian meals are planned by Lucia Gabriela who is also a certified holistic integrative health coach and Latin Vegetarian Chef. The meals and nutrition during the retreat, including fresh, raw juices, are designed to help support our bodies during this process of transforming our bodies, minds, emotions, and beyond.
  • Transportation to and from the airport is included.

What is not included...

  • You are responsible for booking and purchasing your own flight to and from Quito, Ecuador.
  • Whatever else is not offered in this retreat.

Love note...
The Love Alchemy Retreat is designed for you to be able to totally merge with the experience of your transformation. Your main focus while you are there is for you to be fully present with yourself, and fully present with what is going to happen through you and for you. This is an invitation to step up and reclaim your power.
The energy experienced will be beyond orgasmic! You will gain valuable new tools and techniques, enabling you to be the alchemist of your own life!

Are you reigniting your creative power and live an ORGASMIC LIFE?

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Self Investment Fee: $3,750

Early Bird until October 1st 2017: $3,250

Payment plans available.

For more info, please contact us at or 516-287-042


First 4 to Sign Up Bonus:
Experience 2 months of Love Alchemy Coaching with Lucia Gabriela (4 sessions, valued at $2,000)
- (2) 30 minute Love Alchemy Preparation sessions will be scheduled before the retreat.
- (2) 30 minute Love Alchemy Integration sessions will be scheduled after the retreat.