Colleagues' programs we love to refer to.

We take pride in partnering up with colleagues in the fields of life, relationships, and sexual mastery.  Here are some great programs we refer people to.

If you are either “single or seeking" or already in a committed relationship, this eCourse will provide new skills and teaching that will take you out of the old way of doing things and into the New Paradigm in Relationships.

A 24-minute training video intended to change the way men approach women. Rather than expecting the woman to be the sexual gatekeeper, it starts men on the path to drawing out her authentic desire without attachment to outcome. Really valuable for men who don't *quite* get how to approach a woman.

Unlock your Masculine Power. Radical Authenticity ~ Speak and maintain true integrity in a way that inspires and motivates. Unshakable Strength ~ Become the man that women crave and men respect. Keys to Success ~ How to develop your own archetype and (re)build your life. Intentionally.

Empowering Modern Course Creators. Thinkific gives you everything you need to easily create, market, and sell your own online courses. Say goodbye to tech headaches, and get back to focussing on your business rather than your tools.