Attracting Love After Toxic Relationships

Being in a toxic and abusive relationship leaves deep unhealed wounds emotionally, mentally, financially, physically and even spiritually. Dragging toxic baggage and traumas from past relationships to new ones can only create an upgraded version of toxic relationships. Are you ready to break free from this toxic cycle of attracting unconscious, poisonous and painful relationships? Are you ready to heal the wounds that hold you back from reclaiming your body, mind, voice, choice, and power? Are you ready to be free and attract that amazing person in your life?

Blissful Awakening

A conscious emotional and sexual healing experience to awaken your creative power and manifest your deepest desires and dreams.

Maybe you feel stuck, confused and powerless to let go of what has actually caused you to:
- be disconnected from your power,
- attract unpleasant and/or abusive relationships or none at all,
- lack intimacy, passion, and Eros in your life,
- experience emotional and/or sexual trauma,
- experience illness, or physical dysfunctions,
- be disconnected from your sensuality and pleasure,
- be financially stressed and/or living in scarcity mode,
- have no conscious boundaries,
- lose yourself and forget who you truly are,
- be out of alignment with your authentic truth.

Owning My Boundaries

Has a lack of boundaries created chaos in your life? Go from struggling in your life and relationships to instead reclaiming, owning, and creating the majestical life you are meant to live. Go from not knowing what your boundaries are--the main reason why you may be attracting toxic people or experiences into your life--to instead having clarity and certainty about who you are and what is no longer acceptable in every area of your life, especially relationships. It takes courage to create boundaries in your life; boundaries provide safety for self and others. Are you ready to feel safe emotionally, energetically, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually?

Conscious Dating

Online or offline dating can be confusing, stressful and time-consuming. Focus on what give results, and know what you truly desire in a relationship, because clarity is power. Gain confidence about who you are as a complete person. Show up as someone who accepts and loves yourself and has fun while you are attracting that amazing person into your life.

Delicious Lover

Be ready to awaken, reignite and unleash the greatest and most delicious lover you are. BE the nectar in your relationship, so delicious, so exquisite, so craved, and so wanted. BE the one your partner cannot wait to come home to. BE the one who melts away self-doubt and comparison from your intimate life.

Exploring Polyamory

FeelIng capable of loving more than one person at the same time but don't know what to do or how to start without getting hurt or hurting others? Confused about what types of arrangements are possible and which one is a fit for you? Wondering how to negotiate in the Poly world and what kind of agreements to engage with? Being a Poly lover has its delights and its frustrations, and if you don't invest time, energy, and resources in gaining the clarity you need, polyamory can be destructive and painful.


A profound alchemical path of self-transformation to explore, discover, awaken and embrace our own truths, potentials, and power. Tantra takes us on a journey of mastering all aspects of self which leads us to connect at a deeper level with ourselves, other human beings, planet earth, our inner cosmos, and outer cosmos. Tantra invites us to BE here and NOW. From this point of creation, our relationships and intimacy are even more fulfilling and majestical.