Attracting unavailable men, why me again?


I give you my all, I crave you, I desire you and I do everything to deserve your love.. I love you more than I have loved myself, I put you first before I and All I get is part of you. Really? I want to be loved by the whole of you, your heart,…

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Shadow Work ~ F@ck!


In my journey of self exploration and self acceptance to embody my truth, my essence and my potential…. I got to dive deeper into my shadow, I got to honor the unseen of me, I got to face the unheard of me, I got to do the dirty, muddy and hell/fire work. Shadow Work is…

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Afraid to love you and be hurt again….


Sunny day of Spring, I wake up next to you, Grateful for our time together, I wonder, I ask… How long will we last together? 1 month, 1 year, 10 years or until death do us part? What if I give you my all, will I lose it all? I don’t want my heart broken…

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“I wish I had time to….” he said to the Death Priestess on his final day.


Laying on his bed, scared of the unknown, he whispers… “I wish I had time to…” Looking through the window, in wonder and sadness, he whispers… “I wish I had time to…” Feeling his fine linen sheets and soft blanket, he whispers… “I wish I had time to…” Feeling his heart, his body, his breath…

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What am I truly afraid of?


My heart feels tight, My breath is shallow, My mind is spiraling, My trust, passion and desires are holding space, For me to feel this with love, compassion and a sense of breakthrough. Tears fall down my cheeks, Fuck, I have been working on this for so long, Can my fears just disappear? Can my…

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The CURSE of BEAUTY ~ a hidden pain many don’t talk about.


Let’s my heart been heard, Many memories, Many ugly truths, Many dark episodes, Many deaths, Many lies and untruths, Let’s my soul speak, I have seen sisters and brothers’ lives taken away from them because of such beauty. I have seen injustice done to beauty, to true beauty. Before I continue… Be careful – this…

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Validation ~ Shadow Work, a work in progress…


Looking deep inside my heart, I am shivering for acceptance. Awaiting to hear from you, I am craving for words of confirmation. I have doubted myself so much in the past, I ask you for validation. With ease, I want to hear the answer to my unknown. With certainty, I want to know the unpredictable.…

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