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Lovemaking, The ritual into devotion, pleasure and ecstasy, Where we experience the erotic dance between our feminine and our masculine, Where our energies melt into the fire of arousal and orgasmic bliss. Lovemaking,the ritual where: I melt into your arms, I merge with the nectar of your lips, I touch all parts of you with…

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Guilty of loving another man.


The last time I saw him in my dreams, he said…”Love, it doesn’t matter how it happens” Beginning….. Feeling within self, I looked to the right. There he was, Beautiful soul, gentle smile ~ looking at me in wonder. Wonder of who I am and what I do, Wonder to see if I can help…

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Marital Rape ~ a topic many women in a marriage don’t dare to speak about.


We tolerate, We surrender from a place of fear, We forget, We call ourselves “crazy” to excuse what has happened, We pretend it’s not happening, We let him take it… and at the end, we have lost love and respect for our own body ~ we don’t care anymore. “Take me, do whatever you want…

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Fears of Commitment ~ Attracting Non~Committed Men.


Rising sun, Blissful sky, Lustrous ocean, Juicy fruits, Exotic animals, Fantastic Earth. Oh… Yum… I woke up one morning, A morning of questions with no answers, A morning where my heart felt alone, A rising day where my body felt empty, A shiny day where my mind was busy. I cannot feel the love, I…

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Who do I need to be to influence other people’s hearts and souls everyday for our highest good?


Someone who aligns her mind with her heart and shows what’s possible when you believe in yourself. Someone who filters what enters her mind for her words and writings to flow with power, to enhance the highest of everyone who enters into her world. Someone who feels others and helps them to allow themselves to…

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Emotionally & Sexually Abused… Reclamation.


Every 109 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. Every 8 minutes that victim is a child.* The innocence has been lost, The magical sexual awe has been destroyed, The trust in self and others has faded away, The body has dissociated from itself, The heart has built walls to protect itself, The mind has created…

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Cosmic Foreplay….


Sister moon looking from above, So is delightful Venus… In paradise, Zeus says hello with a lightning smile, Water fully present with her seductive flow, Breeze says hello with a feathered kiss, Self welcomes the sacredness of Dawn. They all observe the sensual dance, They witness Self adoration to all aspects of infinite Self. One…

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