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Hi Amazing Love,

I am Lucia Gabriela, your Intimacy, Relationship and Sexuality Coach.

I help women reignite their creative power to live an orgasmic life beyond physical realms, maximizing their intimacy and relationships with themselves and others.

I am so glad you are interested in downloading the "Attract True Love Effortlessly 3 Step System" which will help you to:

  • Discover some of the challenges and blockages that have been holding you back from being in an amazing relationship,
  • Reclaim and rediscover your true self,
  • Become conscious in creating powerful and healthy boundaries.

If you go through all the videos and deeply work on the PDFs, you will find yourself energized, light, grounded and more open to love and be loved, especially after the Love Letting Go Ritual. So please EXECUTE THIS WORK ~ it's truly magical!

Now, If you have been following me for a while you may know who I am. But, if you haven't...

I am glad to share with you that through my newsletters, gifts, periscopes, videos and live interviews - you will be able to get to know me and experience amazing love breakthroughs, inspirations, motivations and more.

Our newsletter is our Love Portal, so as a subscriber you will have access to exclusive content, free gifts, awesome offers, specials and more.

You may be asking yourself..

What are you about Lucia Gabriela?

Well, let me share this with you:

Everyday, I am discovering more about myself.

Everyday, I am transforming and evolving with grace, joy and love.

Everyday, I desire to focus all my energy in providing you with powerful, delicious and rich content through my newsletters and other venues - than spending countless hours and resources on building this site and make it look pretty and perfect for you to like or approve of me and even buy from me. But if you want to know more about my professional credentials CLICK HERE for my LinkedIn profile and for life transforming YouTube videos CLICK HERE. ~ Please subscribe while you are it!

I coach and lead powerful individuals through amazing self transformations of love, and one of our deep inner, dirty work is to let go of other people's approval and opinions - to truly free ourselves to be who we are and live the life we truly desire, attracting significant  & deep relationships.

I coach and facilitate magical breakthroughs where you reclaim your power, your identity, your value, your worth, your essence, your sovereignty and your voice. From this place you will decide and take action on life decisions from a place of power instead of fear.

I coach and empower you to recognize your values, create new standards and embody your highest principals of love, honor, joy and peace.

I help you to let you see who you truly are and the power within you, from this place YOU will remember your creative power.

I help you to find clarity even in the most darkest moments of your life, to find the diamond in the coal and the gold in the mud.

Together, we work in clearing obstacles in many areas of your life and realms - from mindsets to energy misalignment. Using powerful tools and strategies, I help you to polish your skills and gain new ones, to create and optimize your ideal environment for love, to strategize your love, intimacy & relationships outcomes and to discover your hidden gifts which makes you an amazing lover.

I can continue on and on, but bottom line - I INVITE YOU to do the deep, dirty inner work with me at our Love Portal where I will be sharing with you some of the Love Alchemical tools I personally share and practice with private clients.

Eventually, I will invite you to experience a 1-1 complementary "Love Breakthroughs Strategy" call with me to discover some of the obstacles that are holding you back from experiencing the most amazing relationships of your life and by the end of the call you will gain clarity and see things differently. Stay tune for those emails.

I love to facilitate LIVE transformational events and retreats,  in my experience there is where alchemy truly happen at a big scale ~ Inside our Love Portal (newsletters) you will hear from me all about our upcoming Love Alchemy Retreats happening in Ecuador and Sarasota, USA ~ powerful retreats created for you to manifest what your heart desire in the realms of love, intimacy and relationships. CLICK HERE if you want to learn more.

Now, as you can tell I love to write and I will stop here for now.

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Now, I cannot wait to see you inside our LOVE PORTAL ~ our sacred space to attract true love, reawaken sensuality, reignite intimacy, restore conscious sexuality and keep our love relationships alive, delicious, juicy and beyond.

Love you,

Lucia Gabriela.

Intimacy, Relationship and Sexuality Coach..

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